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Crush Day

Monday mornings usually suck but this one was different. I had woken up at six forty five for my worst class, physical chemistry. Sometimes I wonder how my crazy brain works, I did pass chemistry with a clean shining A grade in KCSE, plus I did not take physics until forth form, yet here I am facing the same Goliath I thought I had killed and that am badly failing at. Life is extremely unfair .Back to the beginning of everything. The morning was cold and the damned class was commencing at 7am. The lecturer was a punctual one. I knew my luck of getting the most coveted seat at the front of the assembly hall was dead and gone, buried six inches at the heels of one girl who spiced my life at JKUAT with boy-snatching drama. She was popular and extremely tall, dark in complexion with thighs and neck of an African ostrich. She had a sense of fashion that lay majorly in luminant colors that exaggerated her dark skin to look unusually black as though she dipped herself in sacs of charcoal repeatedly. Do not get me wrong, am not hater of dark skinned lasses though I am one of them too, those with deep dark skin that glows under the sunlight and disappears in the shadows of the night. To sum it all up, she was the Saul in my life, haunting me wherever I appear, and the Satan in my little heaven. It was 7:50 and I had not arrived at the hall. We shared Physical Chemistry with five other courses under the college of pure and applied sciences, some that were weirder than the names of European scientists that I had the misery to cram. My feet were burning rubber as I rushed along the rough tarmacked pavement. I could feel the heat prick my bony toes when I halted before the glass doors of the assembly hall to find myself standing before a crowd of eager classmates struggling to rush in. The lecturer’s car was parked in front of the administration block, a shouting orange Ford pickup. I was late, though not the only one. No sooner had I squeezed myself through the narrow door filled with sweaty bodies, than I bumped into her. A grin slashed her oval face exposing white incisors stained with yellow lipstick. She roughly moved me aside and straightened her green blouse and blue short skirt. At that sight, I begged to differ with scientists who declared that cold-blooded creatures were only the reptiles and fish, for I had discovered a human who could survive cold mornings half-naked and possessed an ice-cold pumping organ. I took hold of the rails besides me and I felt my heart warming to a smile…she looked like a rock lizard! “Mscheeeew!” she sneered at me, pursing her unevened colored lips at me. “Look where you are going” she replied, facing me directly with malicious eyes. “Wear your specs next time,” she said as she walked away to the front row swishing her skirt violently. The lads who stood in her path were treated to a low cut cleavage and a seductive swishing motion of her skirt that allowed a glimpse of fleshy goose bumped thighs and ‘masqwembed(muscled)’ spidery legs. Catcalls accompanied her presence so did jesting in hushed tones. She disappeared from my sight and I felt a smile escape captivity to crack my serious face. She makes me happy despite the fact that she acts all evil towards me…and the best part is ….she has no clue about it. I could not hide my smile as I turned my head to look for an empty seat ready to be occupied then I my eyes met the unexpected. Him. You may ask whom… It was Him… the Him who was her boyfriend staring at me from a corner of desks filled with hooded vandals-his pals. He was now smiling back at me. I just waved; smiled more widely, turned my back at him and walked towards an empty desk far from his sight and reach. Boys will always be boys, ‘Fisi itabaki kuwa fisi’ ( a hyena will always be a hyena) . Everyone had settled and the noise died down. I, being at the back of the class of three hundred students, thought I should do some doodling, if the lecturer will not be audible, to pass time until the three hours of Greek teachings and Chinese-like formula were over. Backbenchers do interesting activities beyond the searching sight of the professor like playing mobile games and cards, flirting and the common of them all, sleeping. I do neither of that- my specialty is drawing. The last time I drew, my archenemy was a spider-noid (half-human, half-spider with a robot brain) behind my atomic chemistry book. That drawing had made my friend, who sat behind me, burst out into laughter in the middle of the lecture making it hard for her to explain to the baffled lecturer what she found funny in the periodic table of elements he was teaching about. Science can make an artist go mad (I already possess a degree of madness). The lecturer, as usual, begun with a scientific joke- that I rarely get the joke in it -and a burst of laughter followed, some were genuine and others, forced. The raised platform stood out at the front, carrying the oversized suit clad professor with part of his trousers’ edge tucked into one sock while the other peeped underneath from dark brown leather shoes. He was a remarkable sight, which proved my theory of madness associated with science, especially physics. It was thirty minutes past seven and I had only managed to write down the equilibrium formulae with no worked out examples because my forgetful memory did not bother to alert me to carry my calculator, the saviour to my mathematical burdens. Concentration was fading, sleep was beckoning, and my eyelids were too heavy to hold open. I was giving in to the seduction of sleep …until he tapped my back.

I am embarrassed to say that he was my first CRUSH I had since the past eight years. An accident like that happened when I was ….I cannot remember on whom, but I know it was in lower level primary. I had promised myself that nothing like that should ever occur again…. until history did what it does best, repeat itself.

I do not know if it was the effects of watching too many cartoons or reading many fictious books but I can swear, over my myopic sight, that I instantly saw red stars pop before my eyes like balloons with needles. My mouth became instantly dry and my tongue stuck to the floor of my mouth. It felt impossible to spurt out a ‘Hi’. Hey, do not think for a second that the dude was ugly beyond description. He was drop dead gorgeous! The type of lad who would date the most beautiful girl in the university while we, the ones at the base of the beauty chain, are left to stare and salivate at the impossible. Yeah, I have been there and still there but I could see my fate was slowly changing.

He leaned closer and I my brain froze, although my hand kept tapping the opened blank page on the desk with my pen softly. I have never met him let alone seen him, but I felt I could just propose to him and if he said yes, I would foot the bill of the wedding and vanish with him to infinity…and beyond. My face was blank, expressionless, though I think my eyes sold me out. I heard of a rumour that if you liked someone very much, the pupils would dilate and become a big black ball similar to those of cats at night. In such matters, I hoped he was not up dated.

I too leaned closer, with my ears of course, but my mouthed itched for the reverse. “Hi,” he whispered. I managed a genuine smile and coughed up a quick “hi.” It was as though the whole hall of students had vanished and he and I were left alone against the world, to fight against the physics trying to ruin the onset of our chemistry. He smiled back and asked, “Is this Statistics class?” I shook my head to mean a “No.” He looked upset but lightened up immediately and thanked me. He stood up and headed to exit the hall. I watched as my dream walked away towards the door. The seat was left empty and the surrounding came back alive again; the students, the clicking pens, the silent grunts of boredom and the faint bellows of the sweating pot bellied lecturer undulating in my ear canal. He walked out and I saw the last glimpse of his heavenly face as he struggled to close the glass door before he turned away, strode into the parking lot, and disappeared behind the convoy of vehicles.

Six rows in front of me was a grinning face of my friend. She had seen it all. I was embarrassed about the whole turn of events. Thank God, I was dark skinned, or else the pink flush would have spoiled my whole week for betraying a personal emotion. Anyways, I learned you had to let things slide away, especially for the girls supporting the base of the beauty and diva pyramid. It was 8:50 am. Freedom is almost in reach. I smiled at my own vulnerability and giggled as I turned my attention back to the uncomprehendable topic being explained. “Most probably he has a girlfriend,” I thought to myself. Every cool guy has one.

I spent the whole day replaying the golden moment over and over and over and over again….it is not a daily occurrence to meet a prince charming who smiles at you.


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