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Who are introverts? These are people who prefer minimal to no contact with people. Social events or gatherings may not be how they roll. Controlled social interactions are their favorite. I am largely an introvert and partly extroverted. I function better with minimal interaction with people. Don’t get me wrong. I do not mean I am a hermit or a people hater. I just love the value of personal space and privacy.

In this mordern society,the introvert quality has been largely frowned upon. Introverts are made to feel weird or the odd one out. Group discussion and work a major tool in providing team work essentials, but over emphasis of such activities make the introverts uncomfortable with the practice.

Highly extroverted individuals complete the introverts. That is why in most social settings, an introvert is most likely to have an extrovert as a friend.

There are two categories of introverts:

Social introvert

Not-so-social introvert

Social introvert

This type of introvert can easily interact with people when need arises. They act on ‘if you talk to me, I will be happy to have a conversation with you but if you don’t talk to me, I will be delighted to keep to myself.’

They can easily make friends and attend social gathering that gives them a break from their own world. However,some tend to have no specific friends. Everyone is their friend, unless there is an aspiring enemy budding with or without their knowledge.

Groups may not be their thing though they may hang around in them, for company, at times.

Not-so-social introvert

In this category, the introverts loathe company. They may spend time locked in their rooms and prefer going out when human contact is minimal. Such people usually have an underlying psychological problem.

Many of them turn out to be sociopaths and sadists with no sympathy for living things . Others are also known to posses violent behavior towards anything or anyone that threatens their domain.

A few turn out to be society compatible individuals.

Abuse, whether physical or emotional, gives rise to this category. Though this may not be entirely true as some abuse victims tend to be extroverted or social introvert


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