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Randy Neighbors 

Living in apartments or storied homes with different people has always been in my never to do list and if I ever find myself in one, then it is a situation I couldn’t avoid.

He came to my room early in the morning at nine on the clock,eyes red and bulging out. He looked sleepy and miserable. I could not turn a needy classmate away so I let him in and he made himself quite at home by invading my bed immediately,thank God I had not made it yet.

Hey! ” he mumbled. “I need that cocoa of yours ASAP.”

I laughed, he rarely took any meals I offered him at my place. The reason why, he never mentioned. I usually felt offended but as it occurred repeatedly, I got used to it.

” Whats up? Today you look weird and the strangest of it all, you want cocoa from me.”

“Just make me some cocoa or I’ll do it myself. “

He sat on the bed and looked straight at me oblivious of my room mate dozing on the upper bunk. I did as told and served him in a generous gigantic mug which he grabbed in delight.

So, ” I sat down and grabbed my phone, ” To what do I owe this surprise visit? “

“I couldn’t sleep. “

He slurped the lava of cocoa.

“They couldn’t let me sleep! “

The mug was slammed on the adjacent table. My roommate was now awake.

“What happened?”

“That mama is now my sworn enemy. She couldn’t shut up or quiet herself up. And her husband, let me not begin about him. An what is worse is that there were children playing on the railed balcony! “

The cocoa snaked a hot steam into the atmosphere. My roommate snuck a peek at him and whispered a good morning to which he replied politely then took the mug into his hands once again.

“Yesterday , I was watching my favorite series until 3am in the morning. As I prepared to sleep, the upstairs neighbor was preparing for something else. “

He took a long sip.

” The headphones helped for a while but as you know sleeping with headphones is not a good idea. I had to ditch them finally.”

He wrinkled his forehead in disgust.

“My ceiling begun emitting funny sounds and I decided to listen., maybe it was a tremor or just someone’s music vibrating the walls…. “

He was halfway through his cocoa.

“So I listened keenly and I finally understood what it was. The sounds I was saying was the bed creaking. Anyways, I laughed it off and switched back to courting sleep. I was too tired to eavesdrop,anyways. “

He shrugged his shoulders innocently. I remembered something.

” The neighbor you talking about is the one with two young kids.?”

“Yeeeeah,that one!”

His face lit up like he had just worn the lottery.

Now that was a disturbing peace of information. If he couldn’t sleep due to those noises, what about the kids??

So I woke up this morning to shouts of ‘Oh my god! Oh my ! Oh my god!’ “

We burst out into a hearty laughter, my roommate being the loudest.

“Whaaaat! ” my roommate chipped in in the midst of laughing.

“She was that loud? “

He looked at me with deep concern ” Why do women do that? “

” Hey ! Don’t ask me, ask her! “

I meant the neighbor.

“It was eight in the morning.! And there were kids playing ! The man was heaving like a tractor! “

“He he he he…. Some women don’t care as long as they get what they want. ”

I prepared myself to begin writing an article I had Prepped for.

“I need sleep. Give me an hour.”

That was fine by me knowing that I had piles of work to do.

He finished the last drop of cocoa and buried himself in my comforter.

My roomy climbed down from her bed and yelled as she headed to her wardrobe, ” Oh my god! ” then laughed.

“Oh my god! “I shouted at her, ” I forgot to sharpen my pencil! “

“Can you both shut up! ” he growled beneath the pillow.

😂😂😂😂 FINITO!!!


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