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Beauty and the Beast

Janet, the girl on the phone, is a serial heart breaker. Ask any guy in campus.

I have known her for one semester and the numerous guys I have seen popping in and out of her room with their arm on her shoulder, are more than the clothing in her wardrobe.

Apart from her huge success in dating ninety percent of the male population in the campus, her cooking skills compliment her personality.

Black smoke is her trademark. It sticks a brand to her black heart.

Samantha, the second criminal. A girl so brown she glows yellow.

Always hiding her face in layers of make up. I personally took the time to develop a nickname, Miss. Peacock.

Her artistic job to transform her notorious pimples into lovely bumps under a carpet of foundation amazes me.

Her thick lips and crab-like eyes rhymes perfectly with her plump body and short stature.

Everyday, to her,is a date. I wonder how her male classmates concentrate during lectures for she has a liking of short skirts and dresses that she pairs up with low cut blouses that expose her fleshy overweight bossom.

On February 14 ,a huge bouquet of flowers together with a bar of chocolate, were delivered to her. What a lucky lady!

Jealousy is a hard thing to hide;the girls in her room were green, courtesy of envy.

Rose is a nutcase. She is beautiful no doubt but she takes the self esteem issues to another level.

Rose Kimani, you are beautiful. You are attractive. “

She repeats that to herself everyday out loud.

Whether in the shower, toilet or in the belly of her blankets, she whispers those magic and words.

Amanda. The last of the four ‘musketeers ‘. She is a tall girl, dark in complexion with an athletic body. She is taller than most average boys.

The first thought that came into my mind was that of a model. Being a runner didn’t fit her profile. She hates all types of exercise even the normal unavoidable walking is appalling to her.

She is a model and to crown her failures, she lost the coveted title to her not-so-worthy opponent, her best friend.

Her friend, the current Miss University,is the complete opposite of her. She is plump, a bit taller than usual with a black shiny skin.

The moment her victory was announced on the podium that night, their friendship took a dive into the stranger zone.

Their fire filled relationship became critical as enemity slowly sipped in through the cracked friendship.

Her highness went further to publish Photoshoped images of the reigning queen with an old man commonly called a sponsor by broke lazy girls with a taste for easy attained wealth, in social media. What a rocky relationship!

Whoever will come along and fill the empty space shall surely rhyme with the evil in her devil.


Take no offense…… The End.

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