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Staying in a university hostel is a royal pain in the bum. Putting up with anything that comes your way, starting with the self employed rat killers(the stray cats) to the girl who thinks everything female should bow down before her pimpled,chopstick-like ,chiseled figure, becomes a way of life.

I tell you, no one can survive this world without a shred of tolerance in their social life.

Wannabes. Beauty queen wannabes. Am a big fan of natural beauty.

Beauty before brains or beauty before manners.

Beauty and manners rarely rhyme, not that they are impossible to coexist, but finding a beautiful and an all-rounded lady in this life is a dream.

That is why wishful men speak of ‘my dream lady’…. for dreams are just a part of imagination or thoughts, not something real yet.

My next door neighbours,…… a bevy of wretched beauty and attractive beasts, sent to squat in my peaceful domain, bring constant nagging and abuse the ‘thou shalt share with your neighbour ‘ commandment.

That is a kind description of my cheerful four neighbours.😇


Hey babe! ” red stilettos paired themselves up before the balcony’s glass double doors .

Are you free today? “the girl was in a pair of extremely short shorts, the famous booty shorts.

“Aaawe , you said you will drop by today and say hi!” she whined.

I leaned from my chair to open the door .

What did she want this time? She stopped talking and moved her mobile from her ear to her bony shoulder to prevent our upcoming conversation from seeping into the mouth piece.

Hey, What’s up! ” a little cheer could warm up the chill in the air between us.

Her left hand rested on her hip, ” Can I borrow your rug? “

“Yep,” I leaned back into the chair ,my hand on the door handle, ready to close it.

“Wait!” She stepped on the sill, hindering the bottom rail from sliding into place.

Tell Zippy I have her USB charger .I forgot to mention yesterday that I borrowed a purple brush I found lying on your side of the balcony.

I felt the heat of anger rise in my body,i was radiating rage.

I clenched my fists together and forced my mouth to gather up in a smile.

I slammed the door as soon as she removed her painted toes.

My sport shoes were denied the right of being scrubbed just because someone took the washing brush without my consent.

She had jumped over the buckets that marked the boundaries of the balcony, their side and our side. She resumed chirping on the phone.

Last week, she had borrowed the rug again but when she dumped it at the threshold ,its state was a horror !

It was as if she dipped it in mud, drugged it through kitchen garbage and sprinkled it with pencil sharpening, then left it to dry.

I was lucky it wasn’t my turn to clean the room.

Bad, worse and worst, that is the best summary of our neighborly relations. In my view, it is more of bad, badder and baddest.

Unfortunately, my online work is a glue that traps my being to revolve in two places : lecture halls and hostels,therefore the hope of redemption from the pestering neighbors is close to impossible .

Wi-Fi is strong, comfort is at my beck and call and most of all, I got food on the go.

Choosing a better location has proven tough.


To be continued on Beauty and the Beast……. 😇

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