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February 14,2011…Second year high school.

This is the day it began, the worst high school memory.

When one has fallen in shame,it is hard to get back on your feet before the great number of spectators,whom you tried to prove your worth to.

That scar was too deep to heal fast.


I wondered if I could ever forgive her.

I felt as if my self esteem had been crushed into pieces. It took time before I glued together my dignity.

“Do you remember the Science News girl? “

I imagined them laughing and taking mocking glances at me.

Should I forgive her?

I was ashamed before the whole club and school. I am afraid to show my face again, but how will it help if I do not face my fears? Should I go back or should I not?

It begun when I prepared my presentation to be read before the assembly. The morning routine went on as usual until the bell rang. Students gathered at the parade, sorrounding the flag.

Songs were sung and prayers were whispered and my time was approaching. I was nervous. The main news presenters did their part and now it was my turn to announce my portion of the news, Science News.

The reception was warm and encouraging,the students loved it and their attitude started a fire of passion in my heart. I wanted to improve and read more of what I had given them.

A thought came into my mind to choose a Form One researcher to help me in compiling and presentation of the Science news.

The dumbest action I did was to create a time table for each of them covering the whole term. I thought my plan was successful, but I did not know its fruits were bitter.

……..continued in Broken Angel.

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