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The eyebags guru… When caught in sleepless situations. 

These eye bags did not appear on their own. I have tried to get some sleep but something or someone always gets in the way of my solution. I look like Klaus(…. from the famous Originals series..) starved of blood for a decade.

Roommates,my reason for craving solitude and uninterrupted sleep.


I love all my roommates, former and present. All of them had special qualities which is the sole reason they all stuck in my mind like gum in hair. However, there were those that stood out above the rest.They are the white strand in the midst of black hair.


First week of January …… The alarm clock saga.

“Riiiiiiiiing! ” that’s what woke me up at 3am in the morning. I sleep on the upper bunk and sound tend to linger a lot more than at the lower bunks . At the lower bunks, sound is absorbed by the objects above- my bed- so it is not a bother.

My side mate is a time conscious junkie. Time is a drug to her. She wakes up late, usually at 9am, having snoozed the alarm under her pillow ten times in one hour. The most annoying thing is that she cannot not recall anything. When confronted, she is like a cornered wild cat, ready to use those huge X-rated vocabulary to wiggle her way out.

Anyways, I found a solution to my mixture of problem: I transferred a virus to her phone that disabled it completely. Now she has a keypad phone with a damaged speaker.

I successfully slept peacefully for a week until the last week of January. A night with the band of snoring,wind breaking ladies!

On this day I had gone to sleep at 12am after finishing up a report on the results- I had not witnessed the previous day-from the laboratory .

What! Can’t a girl enjoy sleep blissfully? This problem had a hard solution involving expenditure of money.Earplugs burned holes in my pocket. It cracked my budget for the whole week! This is how it went down……

Every time my dreams were punctuated by a loud snore ending with a disturbing high note of ‘mucus being pulled into the throat. ‘ After a few seconds of the rude awakening, I try to sink back into sleep, concentrating on my breathing and blocking my ears with my pillow.
Suddenly, one in the lower bunks speaks, “Mum,…. Where is the stove? ” She raises her voice again, ” Ametoka saa hii.” (He has left right now.) She slumbers back to sleep murmuring incoherently.

I know pull my blanket over my head and sneak a peek at my phone, 2am. My class begins at 7am. I need to sleep now! So I sing a lullaby to myself in my head and if that doesn’t work, I start imagining my crush singing it to me, it works. After what seems like a lifetime, I hear one of the girls wake up in a rush, forcing me to pull my covers down and see the what the hell was wrong!

My bunk mate on the lower level was at it again. She sat on her bed still,then she begun to move. Her eyes were open and her hands were patting the corners of her bed like a blind person searching for a walking stick. I looked keenly at her and she was absent minded,she was in deep sleep. She turns her head up and asks me, “Have ….seen my…. Cockroach….. “. Now that is irritating.

She went back into her blanket uttering unintelligible words. OK, it is take three, mission back to sleep. I look at my watch it is 3:30am. Pull my covers up once more. I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping for the best. Just as I am about to let sleep take control of me, I hear a popping sound from the one bordering me. It faded into a whiz.

Then what followed was the most disgusting smell I have ever had the pleasure to inhale. The stench deserved a Guiness World record recognition! It was unbearable as it sipped into my breathing space in the blanket. I could not survive inside there. I wanted to live, I wanted to see my crush tomorrow in that boring math class again. Bottom line was, I am too young to die of oxygen deprivation.

I jumped out of my bed,opened the balcony door and collapsed in the cold night,breathing in the sweet fresh air. I left the door wide open to chase out the damning environment in that room. I was thinking of googling the Climate Change website and posting my real life experience with global warming criminals in the morning. This was unbearable!


Two weeks later, I had resolved to sleep early, at 8am. This would help me recover from the sleepless nights. However this plan got flashed down the toilet of failure together with others that I had painfully laboured to imagine and put into play.

One of my co-habitors, a first year,brought a male guest over. Luckily, I was already in bed when they arrived. My bedmate greeted them with headphones banded tightly on her head listening to a movie playing in her laptop. As soon as the pleasantries were done, I could hear the opposite bed creak as they sat on it and began to talk.

Sleep was finally here, I could feel my body rest and my heart rate fall into a slow pump. It felt good. Nonetheless, history has a way of repeating itself.

A piercing high pitched laugh shattered the glass of silence followed by a booming voice. I winced in the blanket, crouching into a foetal position. The door opened and another male voice spoke, “Guys! ” his footsteps settled next to my bed, I could sense he stood where my head lay.

“Is she sick? ” he probably was referring to me. A ‘no’ from the shy girl answered his question.
He greeted my bed mate and continued, ” I’ve called James and told them where we are. He will come with them. Is this room 256?” The second male voice affirmatively confirmed it was.

“You know, this campaign season is a busy one and we got to support James. You feel me bro? ”

I heard him pull a seat and crash down in it. My breathing became laboured.

“Hey girl, you got to vote for this guy. He is the real deal. Ask your boyfie… ” the first year girl replied that they were just friends.

For ten long minutes they chatted about politics , laughing as if the room accommodated the three of them only. In those ten minutes, sweating furiously in my blankets, suffering in silence.

I couldn’t take it any longer, so I woke up,waved a “Hi” to the intruders,I jumped down from my heavenly bed (in my pajamas) and headed to the door. I needed a bath to cool me down, it was impossible for me to sleep in boiling conditions. I took hold of the door knob and opened the door, only to find five big,muscled men in black t-shirts. One wore a blue coat and was much shorter than the rest. I felt small.

“Heeey! ” the one in blue flashed a smile. His row of white teeth gave an impression of him having more than thirty two teeth.

“Where are you going when the party has just started? “He moved forward, blocking my path.

I looked at my watch it was 9:45pm.

“Nice to meet you! …But I need to go. ” I tried to slip through but one of the guys blocked my escape route.

“Joy never told us she had a pretty roommate.” the guy in the coat opened the door wider and ‘kindly’ushered me in.

The rest flooded in as I was forced to take a seat. They greeted the rest.

“I have come hear to personally speak to you and tell you that James is the right man to vote for…. ” one of Joy’s friends began.

I slept at 12:10am …….Mission failed.




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