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About me and the type of guys I’ve seen.

They all say I am complicated, but I disagree.

I am simple. I am sophisticated.

Simplicity can be complex to minds that are adapted to hard situations.

No wonder they can not understand simple creatures like me.

Simple does not necessarily mean cheap.

Back in high school, I used to solve mathematical problems in night classes.

I discovered that I recalled more formulas and solutions when my mind was tired.

I think more clearly with an exhausted mind.

Unlike me, many preferred morning hours to read and do calculations with fresh minds.

It was impossible to me. My fresh mind had a habit of wondering and replaying movie scenes I couldn’t forget.

So, it was convenient to read Geography, Religious education, Biology ,Languages or Computer studies in the mornings. They made my imagination more wild, free and educational.

As a result of this, my speech and writings in Swahili and English were way better than most.

When I spoke, I had no stutter or mother tongue influence in my pronunciation. This made my peers think of me as a perpetual show off.


What about relationships? Yep, I am a social creature, the social loner type.

I was raised and nurtured in girl-only schools from primary to high school. A reason I find the opposite gender weird and interesting to relate to. I do try.

Hey, wait a minute! I know what your thinking……. I am not into lesbianism.

In fact I condemn it. To those who support it, that’s against the law of nature.

However, we all have the right to believe in something.


Joining university was a 360° turn. I found myself in an institution where 3/4 of the population are men!

It was disorienting at first but I adjusted to it a year later.

Males are an awesome part of nature. Totally different from women- apart from the physical characteristics.

I understood why, in high school, girls went crazy for social events that included boys.

They were a rare commodity.


Let me introduce you to the Mordern Popeye. The muscled men.

The fictional characters who became true from the comic world.

In uni,many went to gym. Big muscles and a narrow waist gave them a triangle shape. The walking triangles.

Their hands hung at an angle of 70° from their waist, with big biceps that threatened to tear their shirts into half.

They looked like wannabe superheroes.

The muscled lads frequented student lounges and bars as if they were waiting for a distress call to swoop in and save the day like Superman.


Skinny boys. Slim men. Boney boys.

Another fraction of men. They are exceptionally strong! There was one with whom I had the pleasure of shaking hands . Damn, my hand was crushed in a second!

The skinny ones, as I have observed,tend have their hearts broken by girls ten times their size.

They are a beacon to serial heart breakers and gold diggers. They are up-to date with fashion and in the cool-guy gangs; a reason they sip dry their financial cups.

Opposites attract. Skinny attracts the ‘poom poom’girls ( I don’t use the name fat, it is disrespectful) whom they literally break their backs to please.

Why are they skinny? Maybe the girls eat their savings and food and leave them in an unavoidable fasting. Maybe they are die hard dietics or just genetically skinny.


Then there are the ‘poom poom’ men. One character that sums them up is, they are warm and cuddly.

Despite their ‘Big Mama’appearance, they can charm a snake out of its dwelling. With their softspoken friendly nature, they are easy to associate with.

Yep, they are charming and good cooks,spoiling you with tasty delicacies or fast foods if they feel lazy to act the hell’s kitchen chef.


The average guy, not so skinny or muscle pumped, are just there. In the middle.

Mixed up with no unique marker. They hustle for their keep. They eat in the uni’s cafeteria and hung around the idlers’ corner

They rarely experience girl-drama,for they are unnecessarily strict with their better halves.

Conspiracy theories of women and money,school leadership propaganda and national politics tend to originate from them.

Everything about them is normal.

So what type of guy are you?


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