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The art of stealing: the Queen of thieves.

Everyone hates exams and random tests.

Lecturers don’t care. It is their job to test you and make every moment of your academic life uncomfortable.

I love the exam period, not because I am a geek or a bookworm, but because fellow students’ dress code changes according to the difficulty of the subject tested (specifically the ladies).

There is one girl in particular who drew my attention. We share the same units/subjects but not lecturers.

Let’s call her Mary.

Mary is tall, ebony and slim,complete with a white set of perfectly arranged teeth. She is the one whom girls envy.

She is popular and in an on-and-off relationship with the most drop dead gorgeous guy in her college.

She has a click of girls who trail her anywhere she goes and several guy friends whom she hangs out with for fun and business.

But one flaw she hides is; she is not an intellectual diva. She relies on her geek friend to help her out in her exams.

So she comes up with a strategy. On that appointed day, she wears a short skirt and a low cut cleavage top with showy shoes supported by thick six inch heels

She splashes a concoction of perfumes on her clothes and body and proceeds to draw a beautiful face with the make up she stashes for important situations.

She arrives two hours earlier in the exam hall,picks the best spot for the academic heist and saves a seat for her partner in crime.

She sits on her chair, pulls out a strip of paper with chicken scratches of the subject to be tested and begins to cram.

One hour later, panic says hello and she decides to decorate the desk top with points that could not sink into her brain.

Thirty minutes to the exam, the hall is full. Students are discussing among themselves. Some are quiet and leaning over open books on their desks, others are cramming out loud and a few are doing nothing.

Finally the moment comes and a mean looking lady with a serious male helper walks into the hall, steps onto the platform at the front and barks an order. Books and bags are put away and the students settle down.

Mary tucks away the strip of paper in her tiny purse and winks at her geek friend. A coded move meaning ‘ don’t let me down’.

Papers are distributed and the clock starts to tick. Mary begins with the first page and answers 5/30 questions correctly. She flips to the next page and sees a 20mark essay she can answer partially correct and may be score a 10 out of 20.

70% of what she had scribbled on her desk top was useless. They were not tested.

She looks at her friend who has not lifted her head since she began writing. Her bossom becomes sweaty.

The male lecturer is looking at her. She crosses her long legs revealing a fleshy, smooth,athletic thigh. She looks down at her booklet, revealing white eye shadows on her eye lids.

Seduction is the key to successful theft.

The lecturer becomes uncomfortable and looks away. To release the tension, he walks around to see if other students are breaking the exam rules.

Mary sees a window of opportunity and jumps through it. She cranes her neck and plagiarises what she could from her neighbor.

One hour to the stop time. Mary has answered 40 out of 70 mark questions. She decides to take a pee.

She gives an excuse based on untimely menstruation and gets an approval to visit the bathrooms with her purse.

The boys in the hall stare at her as she struts to the double doors. Her ample bossom bubbling beneath the tight top with each step her noisy heel made.

After some few minutes she walks in with a shy smile plastered over her make up face. More boys salivate. Her long legs reflects some of the florescent light in the hall (ebony skin does that).

It is fourty minutes to time. She writes the second essay with the help of her eagle sight and the cascading arrangement of the hall.

She has two more questions to answer and enough time to destruct salivating hyenas in trousers.

The male lecturer keeps stealing glances at her.

She fidgets on her seat, crossing and uncrossing her legs to grab attention. Some of the boys look at her, their eyes bouncing from her bossom to her legs and back to where they started.

Distraction is the divine move.

Her friend places her answer booklet strategically to allow easy ‘photocopy’ for Mary. She had completed the exam and it was time to give the ‘queen’ the right to ‘inspect’her work.

Mary copies the remaining answers and paraphrases them to give it a different yet similar meaning.

The time is up. The students immediately stand up, answer booklets in hand and pens down.

She smiles to her crime partner and hands out her booklet to the mean looking lady, signs the attendance list and walks away.

All eyes are on her as she strides out of the exam room.


Big Up’s to the beauty with brains.🙌

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