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Tiny, terrorising thugs: How we were almost slapped with a law suit.

I raised winged domestic thugs. A gang of chickens, the little copies of Alshaabab.

Raising 32 chickens single handedly was no joke. Being 10 years old and living next to a medical college,keeping the unruly chicken in line was like taming a wild horse.

My family’s chicken were of all ages starting from the hatchlings, teenagers, mature hens and finally to the mean muscular cock I called Miguel, after hearing the hens cackle “Mik mik mikeeeel! “when he bounces nearby.

The kei apple fence that guarded our compound did keep away thieves but it was never thorny enough to keep the chickens in.

I fed them generously, three times a day,and gave them a continuous supply of clean cold water,but that never satisfied their bulging stomachs.

The shamba behind our house hosted live goodies that crawled and flew(the grasshoppers and bugs)unfortunately that never stopped their taste for foreign flavours.

In the mornings, as soon as the door was opened, all of them in a large group,headed towards the fence and disappeared beneath the kei apple like magic.

The mother hens were left behind to keep me company


Last week,the neighborhood shopkeeper barged into our home inquiring if I had seen his prized cock. That cockerel was a player. It loved to play love games with my hens and lock beaks with Miguel.

I hoped it got infected with some kind of bird flu since it was the only source of black color in my white and brown breed.

I never bothered to follow up on my chickens’ whereabouts because at the end of the day, numerous stick-like legs gathered behind the gate waiting to be welcomed into the compound like humans,all accounted for.

It was a Monday morning when a well dressed man delivered a letter to my mother. It was from the medical college and a part of it said;

Dear sir/ madam,

Our students and staff members are complaining about your chickens.

The chickens have been spotted sneaking into offices and pecking people’s legs. Also they have a habit of letting themselves in at the cafeteria where they eat and cause unrest.

It has also been brought to our attention that the chickens have been into the hostels and classes and wrecked havock again .

As the campus vice chancellor, I recommend that you restrict the chickens’ movement or face a law suit.

That was interesting!

My chickens are angels. I would be lying if I said they could not harm a fly, but it seemed absurd that those tiny chickens could terrorise a college of grown up citizens.

I even heard one jumped on top of a cadaver in front of a class! Anyways, those were my ‘boys’ and ‘girls’,doing things normal chickens couldn’t .

From that day, their rights to freedom and terrorism were revoked . They were back to zero grazing and boredom.

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