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Take care when choosing a new home. Nightmares are real. 

The Conjuring scared the eyebrows out of my face. It is a movie based on a true story of how a family moved into a haunted country house and never knew peace.

Thank God it had a happy ending!

The movie reminded me of a story a friend told me of someone he knew.

His relative had moved into a new home in the rural areas of Kenya after retiring. He had married a younger wife after the death of his first wife with whom they had raised 9 kids. The kids are adults and working, some in Kenya, others abroad.

He was rich and generous though he could be mean and scary when offended. He was a man of 86 years old, strong to the bones and still had his romantic mojo with the ladies .

In his new home lay a dark history. Everyone but him knew the farm was haunted. At night, his neighbor could hear loud murmurs in the barn,at times it sounded like there was a party in the man’s compound in the wee hours of the morning. But the old man was not a party man.

Within the first month, the man’s livestock died in mysterious circumstances. The chickens went missing two weeks later leaving behind a coop filled with feathers and stains of blood.

The old man was never the one to quit . He thought an envious neighbor did this,but his nearest neighbor was 5km away and they had fields of livestock and chicken enough to feed a nation for two years. So, why would they murder his skinny cows and bulls and kidnap his chickens?

After the loss of his poultry and livestock the old man began experiencing the supernatural in his house . At mid night, noises grew louder in the kitchen. He could hear someone cook or a distant laughter. The noises gradually increased until 6am in the morning when the first ray of light hit his window and they stopped suddenly.

There was a time all lights in his house magically switched on at 2am. The new wife got scared and moved out the next day after a failed attempt to coerce her husband to leave the damned house with her.

He was a lone ranger. He never believed in the existence of demons or witchcraft.

The following night, the same sounds awakened him but this time it was in his bedroom. He felt someone in his wife’s side of the bed,moving closer to him until a cold chill prickled his back.

The hairs on his body stood up. The electric atmosphere was charging his beating heart to pump faster. Cold sweats and quick breathes. He felt suffocated. He turned to see what it was.

For the first time in his life he screamed.

Two yellow eyes stared back at him in the dark. A bad smell emanated from the creature that lay beside him. He jumped out of the bed and he could instantly feel it was not the only thing in his room.

Without hesitation, he ran to his car in his boxers screaming and crying then drove out of his compound full speed. He could see yellow eyes looking at him through the window as he drove away.

My friend never finished the story but I am sure the experience made him join a church, get baptised and be a priest or a pastor.

Evil is real, so is good. One side can not exist without the other. It is crazy to believe in one thing and deny the existence of the other.

This world is made of male and female,two opposites. So, there is God and Satan, two opposites.

Science explains what exists but not what doesn’t. Natural things are easy to explain but the supernatural are impossible to explain with science. Some will say it is chemical imbalance causing hallucinations,but deep within you know what you saw and what you heard.

If you suspect your house is haunted, check out the website below:

Common causes of haunting in homes.

  • Messing around with demonic doorways or portals eg Ouija boards, divination ball, magic spells, cursed/ ocultic objects etc.
  • Building on ocultic and cursed grounds.
  • If you are a member of an occult.
  • If someone bewitched you.
  • If you are suffering from mental disorders like schizophrenia (you are likely to see or hear things).

I know many don’t believe in these stuff but as you know, experience is the best teacher.

I am a Christian and I have heard true stories of haunting and possessions.

Everyone has a right to believe in something.,it is your choice. Choose carefully.

Nightmares are real.

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