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Racism : A creation story.

Have you ever wondered how races came to exist ? As a kid this question of race was puzzling. There are different shades of brown starting from the one that resembles white or yellow to the dark skin that looks like black.

Could climate be the answer? Partly. Let’s start with the desert lands.

In Africa, Sahara is the hottest desert in the world. The people who live in the countries invaded by this desert have shinning dark skin.

So black is their skin that they blend in with the night sky.

Southern Sudan is semi arid and hot. The people of South Sudan are tall ‘black’ and handsome with white teeth. When they smile, it’s like a crescent moon in a starless sky. They are the real black beauties, even the men. You dont need ladders when they are around.

Namibia has Namib desert. The cold desert of Africa. However the hunters and gatherers-the Khoisan- have very light skin. If you have watched the movie The God’s Must be Crazy ,then you know how brown they are. In Kenya, the Chalbi Desert exists yet the inhabitants have chocolate or lighter shades of brown skin not black.

In the Eastern continents ,the Gobi desert inhabitants are not black. This phenomenon is the same to the Arabian countries with sandy deserts. However, in India, there are those with dark skin.

I find that incredible and amazing. The black Indians.

What of the snowy regions like Canada, Russia, Poland, Britain,Greenland etc?

They are as white as the snow. Nevertheless,due to microwaving themselves under weird tanning machines and scorching their skins in the beaches, they are not severely white.

The Southern area of America; Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico etc the inhabitants have a nice brown shade like the Red Indians.

And Australia with the surrounding Island like New Zealand? The people are a mixture of white and a light shade of brown.

The new creation story.

I believe in God. I am not opposing the Genesis version of creation.

God has a big kitchen in heaven. He made this world as it is in Genesis.

God decided to create human beings in his own image, so He took dough, kneaded it then cut it into shapes that resembled him.

Each dough was put in its own oven to bake in equal timing, but the ovens had different temperatures. After a while, God removed them and this is what He got:

  • The first was uncooked. It was similar to raw chicken/turkey skin (minus the feathers). It was white. They turned out to be the people with white skin.
  • The second was badly burnt that He had to scrape some soot away . They are the black beauties.
  • The third was well cooked and had a brown colour. They represent those with naturally brown skin.

Afterwards, God placed them in the world to rule and multiply.

Easy! That is just an idea I made up as a kid. It does make a little bit of sense but the creativity was awesome for I was patisserie fan.

Racism is like a chicken calling another chicken monkey.

Racism is pointless. We all die and we are also born. We all have brains and speech despite the colour barrier. Our bone structure and organs are all the same whether black, brown, yellow, orange or white skinned.
When we die our bones are all the same, there is no possible way to identify this is a black/brown/white man’s bones.

Division based on skin colour is nothing but fallacy to bring in superiority of one race over the other.

The bottom line is, WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

Last but not least, everyone has a right to believe in something…..but racism.


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