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Dem broke days: when the pocket runs dry

There is a song by Boys 2 Men that I love so much. It is called “Water runs dry”. The 2000 year babes may not know this song but the 1990s groups and below know what I mean.

Have you ever been in a situation so tight that it seems there’s no way out?

Have you ever been soooo damn broke that you start being religious or doing crazy stuff just to get through it?

So,there is this true story of a boy I know who was trapped in the financial pit for a month. He is called John.

Men’s ego- the reason why many campus going men are like biology skeleton props. You can see right through their boney structure.

John didn’t eat for four days in a row. His friends were just like him too. Their ego didn’t allow them to phone back home and ask for assistance.

The hunger drove him to venture into the business world. He started small, hawking jewellery in school and selling them to girls and men. The business grew and he branched off to hacking after he saved enough to buy a laptop.

I personally think he deserves a 25 year jailterm for the serious hacking jobs he has performed since he joined campus.

However, the unspoken rule states, don’t rat out a friend or the downfall will pull you too.

He succeeded in his thieving ways and now, the third year of campus, he owns a house, a car and pays his own school fees.
Another case is of a famous novelist. Her path to writing came by chance and motivation from her dead life. She had no job, no steady income. She was battling with depression and homelessness. So, what was the next step? She decided to try. To try and write her way out of her lonely apartment and suicidal thoughts. Right now she is the world’s richest novelist. Say hello to J. K Rowling.

Also the famous Charles Dickens had a poverty stricken upbringing,yet he is stuck in the literature books as one of the greatest writer in his time.

Being broke can be

a good thing.

Some factors can hinder you from moving to a more comfortable life ; self pity, hanging out with the wrong crowd and most of all ,not trying out new things.

Silvester Stallone is another case of a hustler who made it big in life. He was so broke that he stole from his wife, became homeless and as a result slept in a bus station for 3 days. His dry pocket led him to sell his best friend, a dog, for $25! But now he lives among the rich men in Hollywood after a struggle to get a chance to act in his own movie which ended up hitting the golden charts of that year. The movie was called Rocky.

And a comedian? Kevin Hart is an inspiration. He was raised by a single mom, had a crack addict for a father and had to struggle through high school. Later he took part in amatuer stand up comedy competitions, until he decided to try out the film industry. He took 18 years to build himself up and now he somewhere where many dream to be, in movies.

Now, back to Kenya, my local rags to fame heroes are also here.

Harun Momanyi ,an award winning writer and blogger,started blogging in an era where internet was only accessible through cyber cafe’s.

They lived in Naivasha in a tin house and his parents supported him through out his writing. Now, he is working with famous musicians and other big people in the media industry.

Hart_the band, one of my favourite boy bands in Kenya, also tasted the the dry pocket phenomenon. Their first official gig was at a popular TV anchor’s wedding anniversary where their first song ( Uliza Kiatu-Ask my Shoe) was performed for the first time. They were paid Ksh 50,000 ,a sum of money they had never seen or held in their hands for they were just a street band. Upto date, they are breaking international barriers.

Bahati, and Octopizzo. They are Kenyan singer and rapper respectively . They were both born in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya,but now their music runs the streets like Kings. There is also King Kaka, a rapper, who struggled his way to the top from the lower class estates of Nairobi.

One of my greatest success stories I personally admire is that of Ajuma Nasenyana from Turkana. Turkana is a semi arid region in Kenya where cattle rustling and some traditional practices still exist like child marriages, FGM and tribal rituals eg knocking out a specific tooth/teeth from your mouth. (Ouch!!! )

She is among the pioneer African models to start their career in New York and reap humongous benefits and appraisals. Wow! She is just an inspiration to many in the Northern lands of Kenya. She is on my To-meet-before-i-die list.

Eric Omondi. A rib cracking comedian who travels the world and has a gorgeous fiancee. He is the highest paid comedian in Kenya and very popular to the locals. He dropped out of campus due to financial difficulties but got back after some years to finish what he had started. It took him seven years to finally complete his education. Now, Eric is a sensational comedian who has graced the Jimmy Fallon Show and made Kenyans laugh at his jokes despite his geographical location.

These are just a few examples of the dry pocket survivors.

Being broke is like adrenaline, it either makes you find a way to get out of that situation or it makes you fight and despise yourself.

It doesn’t matter how late or early your success comes. Some become famous and rich after their death.


The choice is yours.

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