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To the girl who needs love.. πŸ’ž

This is the story of a girl who needs love.
She was born into a broken family, raised in the chauvinistic ways of tradition.

Violence was what she grew up in. No warmth, no love.

She loathed men; the father who beat up her mother, the uncles who turned a blind eye and the brothers who made her their slave.

Barely five years old, she was thrown into school. She found a little comfort in the little friends she made. They were the three musketeers.

One was from a very poor family,the other,from middle class, just like her.

They stayed together till the fourth grade when they were separated forever. She was transferred to a boarding school.

Making new friends was hard. Everyone seemed proud, too proud to befriend a black Beauty.

Four years down the line,she endured harsh caning and mean girls, not speaking a word to her warring parents and older siblings.

Teachers were racist. Black racists. They beat the daylights out of the girls claiming African children learn by pain.

African children should have no hair so that words could sink through their thick skulls.

They would point out that the roots of education were made bitter for them. You are not like the whites who need no caning.

She was black. She was a black beauty. It was who she was. She was made to believe in a lie.

She worked hard and become the best she could achieve. She worked hard to bring back the smile to the tear stained face of her mother.

Finally she went to high school. She become more comfortable in her own company.

She became drawn to herself, she was an introvert.

Her friendships ended up in acquaintanceship, she was friendly to all but a friend to none.

However her mind was brilliant, thinking up great ideas that her seniors deemed crazy.

She discovered hope, she saw she was meant for more than a dull,lonely life.

Mean pranks were played on her. Boys never lay eyes her.

Who would want to walk around with a spectacled freak complete with a shaven head?

After all, brown is the new beauty. Black is overrated.

She accepted who she was, she was black. She was bald. She was a nerd. She was an outcast.

She dreamt dreams and imagined travelling the world, touching the world with words .

But other girls made that impossible. They made her life miserable. They called her ugly. They underestimated who she really was.

She was powerful. She was black. She was beautiful. She was intelligent. She was everything they were not.

She made it into uni. Her success gave her enemies. Her former mates did not want anything to do with her.

Everything changed. She grew her hair long. She braided it up. She was more beautiful.

She couldn’t understand why every guy wanted her. She was once called ugly. She was once a guy repellent. But now she was everything she was not.

She was black. She was pretty. She was strong. All those who made fun of her bit their tongue in envy. They wanted to be like her, intelligent.

She hated men but there was one who seemed different. To her all men are mean and violent. They were meaningless to her.

Her story had just begun…….

She needed love. She needs love to build her up. She needs love to be the foundation of her dreams. She needs love to get rid of the lies she believed.

Love takes away the pain inside. Love heals much quicker than time. Love is what she needs.

Through love life is created and by love we live.

She needs love, black or white. All need love.

The story of the girl who needs love has just began……


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