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Hold back the enemy I can’t defend against …

Everyone has a prayer,
To be successful before they die

The road is difficult to travel

And the first step is always the hardest.

We all have dreams,

To achieve what we crave the most,

But there are barriers,

There are enemies.

Enemies who pursue you for what you are and what you have.

Frenemies who smile at you but grind their teeth when you not around.

Some hate you because they don’t like you, they don’t know you.

Others are insecure and jealous, they want what you have.

They want your looks, your hair, your skin, your brain.. They want your life.

The unknown enemies are the worst.

Kingdoms and nations were ruined by traitors..

Above all, my prayer is

My the Lord Almighty protect me from the unseen and known enemies who work against me.

My the Lord hold back the enemy I can’t defend against.

Because at the end of it all, by my Lord’s side,

Victory is assured.


Inspired by Group One Crew ‘ Hold back the rain. ‘

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