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Bad days: the trouble doubles.

How was your week?

It was just ….out of this world.

On Monday. A cup of hot coffee was knocked off the table by a falling book and landed on my naked right arm. I got scalded,…badly.

On Tuesday, had an argument with my roommate and now it is cold war. Later that morning, a fiery exchange of words with a rude janitor occurred.

On Wednesday, was a pending job and the deadline was twenty minutes away…

I missed and interview on Thursday, had to reschedule it to next week. In the night, my stomach was killing me because of beans. Am bean-intolerant…

My purse got stolen on Friday at the bus stop. My national ID and school ID are now missing. Plus my cash and ATM.

On Saturday, I had to complete my two weeks assignments. Procrastination is a draining habit. However, my laptop’s operating system crashed, leaving me in the dark.

On Sunday, I slipped on the stairs and landed on my butt while rushing to church. Someone had spilt water on the steps.



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