african violence

Crimes against humanity ; the rule of soldiers 

I remember the post election in Kenya, 2007. The violence, the blood ,the screams.

The government was planning to dispatch soldiers on the ground to tame unruly civilians, fighting each other over leaders who were cozy behind four, large ,electrical walls with guard dogs and a legion of security forces, sipping whisky with feet on a stool.


The use of defence troops to take control and rid off anarchy is the worst thing that could ever happen to a country.

Oftenly,many of the soldiers are inhumane, their animosity towards victims and assailants is despicable!

Your savior turns into your executioner.

Cases of rape and sexual crimes are highly reported in an army rule. Troops may decide to go rogue and fulfill their sexual desires on women and children meant to be rescued.

Murder. Murder is another tangy name of killing. Thousands are killed in the rule of armies. Men and boys are slaughtered, women, children, the elderly all go down to the grave by sexual abuse ,mistaken identity,execution,land mines, guns, bombs or torture.

Double agents. Serving two masters is quite impossible. One master has to prevail over the other. It is either you are with us or against us, you cannot serve both good and evil. Double agents within troops dispatched to protect the people cause more harm than good. It is because of them the enemy defeats the protector and overwhelms the innocent in a war torn country.

Looting. To be real, who does not like free goods? Imagine walking into the most expensive retail store or mall with everything you have ever desired at your feet. There’s no security, there’s no order-the perfect condition to take anything you will and can out of that place. No one cares. Those who are not dead yet are busy surviving and hiding from the murderous anarchists somewhere in the forests or camps.
Fear. The first rule of war. As long as your enemy fears you, it is easy to exert control over them. If this rule is applied to the civilians,the results are true. Rogue troops instill fear through torture, executions and every form of abuse imaginable against human rights in order to control minds and subdue will power.

Power lords. The voice in control of the armies. They are also called commanders in Chief. When the leadership is infected with corruption and is ailing in evil, the poison always find a way to seep down through the ranks until to the lowest recruits of the army. If an order to kill on sight is passed, the army in one accord, is obliged to follow. “Yes, Sir! ” is the answer to the call. It is the response that dooms both the innocent and the guilty to cruel butchering.

Cover ups. For those who play the blame game associated with power, know what I speak of. This occurs mostly after the war (though it may also happen during the war) . The leaders try to cover up crimes they had committed by digging up a scapegoat through lies and accusations on the innocent or other guilty souls suitable to fit the bill. They may use the lines, ‘They did it on own command/ I was not aware of the plans/ Communication was broken down etc. Being a flawless liar surely requires strategy and careful planning. However, sooner or later, the truth will break free and shine light to the hidden knowledge.


The martial law is not always the night in shining armour.

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