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The sound of heaven touching earth

The skies are heavy and dark,

It begins with a minty chill in the air,

Then the sun is hidden behind dark nimbus.
I stand in the balcony sucking in the cold breeze.

It feels good as the chilly wind collided with my warm face.

Loose and fallen leaves are carried away in the swirling minute hurricane on the ground.

A distant thunder begins to swirl and the lights flicker, threatening to disappear as they always do during heavy rains.

One large drop falls on my face,

It feels good.

I lift my face towards the clouds as I tighten my grip on the rail.

Another drop falls on my face.

Raindrops begin to descend faster and faster.

Increasing in number and intensity.

I lift my hands up and let the mixture of violent wind and rain drench me.

The cold felt good. It was heavenly.

The trees swayed and the ground soaked in the torrents.

The drips of the rain, the howling wind.

That’s the sound of heaven touching earth.

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