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Walking dead: my love and hate relationship with Zombies πŸ˜€

Alice in Zombieland, Resident Evil, Walking dead, Warm bodies, Zombiu…… I have watched and read all, but behind pillows or someone’s back.

The terror and the blood sicks me out. It is hard to resist the thrill and the suspence of what is to come . This feeling is more like being in love with an ex or an addiction you are trying to kick out. You know it’s bad,but you just can’t help it!


In February, I bought new series based on a virus that turned people into freaky vampire-zombie creatures, the Strain. I am a big fan of scientific stuff and to add sugar into my already sweetened life, I am a geneticist myself! What a coincidence.. 😁

The episode started well, the beginning of the end and the progress of destruction. My friend, John, was not excited at all. In fact he was whining about my poor taste in horror films! The bloody scenes begun, one episode after another, freezing my blood instantly and turning me cold. I couldn’t take in more horrific scenes any longer, I muted the laptop. The series literally scared the eyelids out of my face! Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop myself from watching.

I let out a scream… The thing had sucked a human dry!!

I dove into the nearest pillow, only that my pillow was John’s lap. After that episode I decided to give myself a break- a one week break. I suffered a PTSD that day. Nightmares replaced calm sleep leading to massive saggy eyebags. Everytime, I imagined a zombie pop out behind a closed door or lurk in the streets after dusk,waiting to suck dry my bone marrow and turn my blood into ketchup.


After the one week break, I bought the Walking Dead series. Watched it with John again. The mischievous guy enjoyed the random ‘hugs ‘ he received from me when I got scared, all through the 45minutes we started the video.

I couldn’t go past the 3rd episode …..i was having a mental breakdown.

Paranoid,…. I became paranoid.


For the sixth time, I had a massive fear problem. This prompted a one month break which I spent kicking myself to find the courage bone in my skeletal system. I went to church, I read the Bible and miraculously the fear disappeared.


I was reborn,but the cycle had to be broken.

Flash forward.…..

Right now, I am a recovered zombie film addict.I no longer suffer from sleepless nights and bouts of paranoia. I handle myself like a pro.

Nevertheless, I treat myself -once in a while – to a zombie novel (NOT MOVIE) after watching a romantic film to wash away the lovey dovey feeling that lingers in the heart.

I am a die hard romantic….. . πŸ’–


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