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The void that needs to be filled.

Wrong relationships are draining both to the mind and to the soul. You become an emotional wreck and this manifests outwards through moodiness, frowning, rudeness and negative talks.

Who doesn’t want to be loved.

But the thing is, you can not give what you don’t have. If there is no love in you, you can not dish out love to the next person be it your lover, friend or relative.

Wrong relationships are draining both to the mind and to the soul. You become an emotional wreck and this manifests outwards through moodiness, frowning, rudeness and negative talks.


Many misuse the name LOVE. “I love you.” What does it mean?

Someone once told me to keep my priority and vision straight so as to make sure I achieve my dreams before tying the knot. That person of interest,advised me that once you get married all your priorities will not matter because you will be required to focus everything on your husband’s dreams. All your energy will be driven to achieve what your other half wants. It will not be mutual. That is SELFISHNESS. My respect to the elderly didn’t allow me to voice out my thoughts and scream to his face,”Suck it up,that is so 400BC!!!”


Love is putting others needs before yours.

If a man loves his wife and the feeling is mutual, everyone has a chance of fulfilling their goals without leaning too much on one side and neglecting the other. Love is sharing. Love is helping.


Youngsters, the below-30 generation, tend to mistake lust with love.

Lust is like a flame. It ignites suddenly and dies out the same way; with no warning. Lust deals more with the physical than with the emotional package that comes with the other person. The flames of lust burns and when it dies out,it leaves behind charred hearts and a soot of regret that clouds the victims’ minds.


Love burns but the flames never die. It’s perpetual.

Love turns sour for a broken heart. The tears that fall carry venomous memories, those that contained the love, an acid that burns with each drop. The good times created when in love, forms the cracks on the vessel that stored the good days the two of you had. The heart. The vessel. The cracked vessel. The broken heart.

Will you ever heal? Will you ever get over it? Will you survive the “crush and burn”? Will the pain ever go away? Will you be able to love again?

The void.

The space. The emptiness. It’s depressing.

Moving on after a break up is usually difficult at first. It feels as though someone had stamped the name “Dumped recently “-in white – on your forehead. It feels like everyone knows it didn’t work out. The two of you had once been voted as the best couple of the semester, but now you have crushed and burned into the expected ending of modern normal relationships.

I just knew they weren’t compatible.”

Finally! The guy realised she wasn’t worth his time. She’s way too low for him.”

“He played her.”

“They could have been such a cute couple…. “

In the end, it didn’t work out.


The world, luckily, has a sweet tooth for giving out chances.

There is a chance to love again. To experience a more superior love than the previous one. Someone somewhere. A chance. A redemption. The old life will soon lose its pangs and turn out to be an expensive lesson you had to pay for dearly in order to learn how to differentiate infatuation from true love. A lesson that can never be forgotten.

She will be loved. Again.

With no pain,

With no regrets.

There will be no more tears,

In the future.

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