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Are beautiful women clean?

Many men ask 'Is there a relation between beauty and cleanliness?' I have lived with ladies and women and my findings allow me to confidently say NO!

Cleanliness is next to godliness. That is very true. In the past, i was courageous enough to watch horror movies alone,behind pillows in low volumes or ears shut πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ˜„. Films that involved witches had a filthy environment animal or human carcasses and bones; wet or dry blood; soil, weird mixtures in bottles, unwashed pots ; disgusting liquids,gels and solids. The witches themselves were dirty. However, Hollywood has a way of glamorising witchy stuff unlike Nollywood productions of Nigeria and Bongo movies from Tanzania that portrays the true picture of African wizards and witches. In all witchcraft, neither is there godliness nor cleanliness. Dirty environs attracted evil.

Many men ask ‘Is there a relation between beauty and cleanliness?’

I have lived with ladies and women and my findings allow me to confidently say NO!

It is not obvious that a beautiful lady is automatically clean!

Let me take you into my world…..


The migration

Late 2017,i ditched my campus hostel for a more mature experience in living among the locals. Being a finalist in university, i decided to ‘adult-up’, pack my bags and move my 20sth self to the furthermost area from the varsity grounds, away from raudy,thieving, students.

I set my heart in finding a homely place and a clean apartment. Three days of scavenging abominable buildings and luxurious apartments, i finally landed on an affordable place where my pockets could produce the required cash monthly. It was a humble place to begin a humble life. It was literally down to earth: rooms had no cemented floors but earth.

My trusted sidekick and pal ,John, did most of the heavy lifting. My luggage was dragged from point A (varsity) to point B (my humble home).He was a gentleman for the first time in his life, except for the heavy grumbling when he asked for payment and i said that a ‘thank you’ was all i could afford. I encouraged him not to worry because up above in heaven we had mansions and streets of gold. He never talked to me for two weeks ( i had to take him out for lunch as a form of reconciliation between us).


Confusing boys

My female neighbors were around my age bracket above 30 but older than 18 years old. They all had, averagely, one child below 5 years old, with some having at most two kids with eldest being roughly below 5years old.

Their men were probably in construction work,long distance trailer drivers or just devious – staying with his other family somewhere in Kenya.

Where i stay is sandwiched between two rooms. Those on the left are men and on the right together with the proceeding rooms are all mothers. The men on the left are students and are rarely there. You only see them during CATs (continuous assessment tests) and exam periods. When they are around, they are confusing. I see five different faces coming in and out of that room. Some say ‘hi’ others are just stone-faced with cold eyes. I almost thought i was going crazy since none of those faces could appear more than twice a day, in the morning and in the night. One time, i knocked at their door to borrow a flash and a kind face opened the door and gave me what i asked for. In the evening, i knocked again , a different face answered but the owner of the flash was not around. I had to wait for nightfall. At night i knocked again a stranger answered the door.

I have never smoked weed, but for the first time i thought i was high. Maybe a couple of nuts in my brain were loose.

Morning came, another peculiar lad opened the door and called out to the owner of the flash, i was glad my trip to their door ended permanently on that day.


Dirty toddlers

My other immediate neighbor mother is around 25-27 years. She is beautiful with two boys,one is a few months old and the eldest around 5years old. The baby, Paul, is a silent beautiful baby. He rarely cries and has big eyes full of awe. Mark, the eldest is different. He is very loud ,stubborn and rude(talks back to anyone)

Mark always has a running nose (more like an overflowing nose). Dried streams of mucus fill his upper lip, a permanent label on his person. He is a nose bleeder and everyday he plays under the sun with bloodstained lips and clothes.

He muddies the stagnant sewage water outside the plot’s gate with his bare feet or hands depending on his mood. His friends are like him minus the dried-mucus part.

Mama Mark is very slender,5’2 tall with a light complexion. She is fashionable always up-to-date with the newest weaves in town.

Her shoes are always sparkling clean and her lips drip red with lipstick when she is around.

Every morning,she fetches water from the well (after shouting orders to Mark, in the process waking up the whole plot);washes a mountain of clothes, then sits on her portion of the verandah with Paul in her bossom, talking with the other ladies. The horrific part, is that she rarely wipes her verandah.


Dirty, filthy verandah

Right next to her door is a green ‘potty’ where Mark does his toilet ‘business’. It never stays in one place. Once, i knocked it over as i stepped out of my door, splashing the smelly contents on the verandah and on my foot. Disgusting! I scrubbed my foot with the strongest washing powder for two hours, the stench was revolting.

Mama Mark’s dustbin. It has no lid. It houses a multitude of flies and once in a while maggots. I noticed it is emptied once a week,which is way too lazy for a lady!

Within three days the foul smell of the dustbin hovers around her door forcing passersby -like me- to hold in their breathe at the gate before passing through the forbidden spot. The neighbors complained making her to half heartedly empty it after every two days.

Apart from empty buckets and urine stained verandah, her hygiene practices are against the laws and regulations of WHO and KMA (Kenya Medical Association).

Mama Mark finds it suitable to discard her son’s fecal matter in the communal sink drainage rather than in the toilet. This makes me wonder who was her mother and how was she brought up? Who does that? The tenants complained again and she was warned. Now she is furious at everyone for bullying her. That is one evil lady.


Women. Beautiful women.

90% of the plot is made up of families and most are housewives. The hanging lines are full weekly as everyone is busy washing but the toilets are a stinking mess! Litter is all over the floors occupied by families. Petty theft and childish rows between these women are frequent.

These beautiful women are semi-literate, having been married soon after high school or after dropping out of primary school.

Never had i sensed so much hatred towards varsity students until i met these beautiful housewives. Beautiful women, dark hearts.


Bible verses on cleanliness

Deuteronomy 23:12-14

Genesis 18:4

Mark 7:3-5

Proverbs 31:27

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