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Wanna get a sponsor? 8 reasons why it’s a bad idea.🙈🙉🙊

Girls, boys and those with no way out of financial troubles, here are the reasons why finding a 'sponsor' is a very, extremely, dangerous idea.

Sponsors are not only men and women who are old enough to be featured in museums as fossils of the Jurassic Park and early Stone Age neanderthals. Nope, not at all. Sponsors can be your young cash loaded carefree age mates who don’t know what to do with their overflowing bank accounts and flashy properties they flaunt on social media or events.

Life’s been hard this year and one thing that makes us local underdogs (below average specimen of human life) desperate is the need for cash. Girls, boys and those with no way out of financial troubles, here are the reasons why finding a ‘sponsor’ is a very, extremely, dangerous idea.

1. Murder at the end of the tunnel

Majority of people liking your photos and double tapping the sexy video you uploaded are strangers. How sure are you that the potential sponsor who DM’d you at twitter has good intentions asking you out while offering a large sum of bundled foreign cash in the process?

How sure are you if you walk out of that door to meet your sponsor you will come back? And if you do, will you live long enough to see you grandchildren after being infected with a sexually transmitted disease?

As you say yes to that offer in your inbox, have you thought about pregnancy. Shit happens. Condoms burst. That pill you took might be a placebo or a fake.

Some sponsors are known to kill their side chicks in order to hide the truth and save their faces. Are you ready to lose your life for the sake of a stack of papers called notes? Is it worthy to live luxuriously but not long enough to savor the taste of abundance?

2. Sexual Abuse

Some sponsors have weird sexual habits. They may want group sex or use objects during the act without your consent, but because of money you give in. Cases where sponsors use animals in their sexual arousal rituals have also been reported like in Mombasa, where the young girls or boys were forced to do it with the animal. R u ready for this?

Again comes the classic rape and sodomy form of abuse. It happens. Sponsorship may also involve violent or sadistic sexual practices like strangling, whipping, battery or body mutilation.

3. Regrets

Majority of men and women who got out of the sponsorship life say they are not proud of what they did and wouldn’t want their kids to choose the same path.

4. Ruins your chance to get married

Sponsors are jealous creatures whether they are single or not. No one wants to share their honey pot with a rival plus they are paying you to satisfy their needs, bottom line is…. they own you.

Just imagine explaining to your better half your relationship with a stranger whom you visit oftentimes. Whom would you say that person is? My dad/mum/relative? Or a sponsor?

No one would remain in a relationship starring a two-timing pretender and liar.

Sponsors are good with words. They will swear to marry you but end up repeating the same thing after 10 years down the line. That wedding ring will forever remain an idea.

5. You lose self-value

Being sponsored is not as fancy as it sounds. Frequently, it involves getting into the sheets and doing the ‘damnedest’ you can to earn that money. Even the term escort doesn’t mean accompanying people to places only, it includes sex in the menu.

All this sums you up into nothing more but an object that is summoned when needed and looks attractive enough to be displayed in public or in private.

6. It’s a glorified form of prostitution

what do you call a trade that involves sex for money or luxury?

Being with a sugar daddy/mummy/boy/girl has the same trade even if it is not a multipartnership.

7. You will eventually feel unloved and unhappy.

Human beings have one thing in common, we all drift towards people who show us love, even the cruelest men alive were once loved.

Without love , we turn into dark creatures full of vices unconsciously searching for love by hurting what is around us, even ourselves.

Sponsors main agenda is to have a sex toy or a trophy partner. To them, you are just an object called upon when needed. You will end up unhappy and unloved since you are nothing but a tool in a trade. Eventually, feeling unloved and unhappy will dull your conscience and make you hate men and women for what the sponsor had done.

8. Criticism from society

African society has strict rules about men’s conduct.

For a woman, being in a relationship with older men is not a big deal since traditionally men as old as your father had a right to ask for your hand in marriage as soon as you were born then wait until you undergo FGM to take you home as a wife. (FGM is done on children as young as 6yrs old)

On the other hand, a youthful man dating an older woman for money is way beyond societal limits of perseverance for moral degradation. It is deemed as weak, lazy and detestable. It shows you are less of a man. A man is meant to provide not to receive, especially not from a woman.

Society has changed in this modern times. Women and men dating the rich for their money are universally called gold diggers and nobody wants one for marriage.


The only way out of financial problems is hard work and prayer. Taking shortcuts has too high a price to pay.

Put all hands on deck and be ready to eat from your sweat. As long as you are alive, there is nothing too impossible to achieve

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