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It doesn’t break even

Just don’t break it

It took me years to replace the pieces

It hasn’t fully healed but its all i have to give.

Why are you unravelling the bandages?

It will fall apart again.

Don’t you remember my fears?

(Head shakes a yes.)

Then stop pulling the pieces apart

(continues separating the pieces)

Stop that! I can’t place them back again.

(a grin appears on his face)

The lies

(He pulls a piece)

i lied.

(her face falls)

I said i love you,

(another piece falls)

i lied.

(she falls on her knees)

Your best friend, i liked her too. You, No.

(he smiles, she cries)

My cousin, you know her, she wasn’t who i said she was.

Another piece gone.

I said you make me happy, i lied, my ‘cousin’ does.

(she sobs)

I said you were my only one, actually, you are part of my conquest list.

(a tear falls as the last piece dangles between his fingers)

I never really liked you, you were just a bet that i won. And now..,

(He throws it down)

I have just used up my time.

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(his boot crushes the last piece in a loud crunch. She lays numb on the ground.)

Give it back.

(He grabs his heart from her hand and looks back at her)

You kept it real good! No cracks no breaks.

(he sighs ,then laughs.)

It was good while it lasted.

(He turns and walks away.)

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