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Who’s the perfect choice, the pretty girl or the clean girl.

Beauty is the kryptonite to all men. Who can resist carefully manicured nails on soft hands, the plump puffy luscious red lips accompanied by made up face of flirty eyelashes and flawless foundation? I myself have also fallen into a stupor after spotting a very beautiful girl in campus. I am a girl, but that day, my eyes feasted on her beauty through shameless ogling. I never knew ogling could be such a sport! Her beauty effect left every guy along her path wagging their tongues after her.

They say beauty isn’t everything but the character of a woman is.

Would a man pick a handsome woman over a beautiful one? Will character be the basis or that which pleases the eye?

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As a man, if you happen to come across this paradox in life where you meet an amazing wonderful woman with all good qualities a wife can master but lacking in beauty and simultaneously, you meet a beautiful pretty lady whose smile can light up a stormy day and cause men to faint but has not any virtues of making a home as a wife. Whom will you choose?

Worry not my fellow, i got some few tips to help you make up your mind.

  • Nora is a friend of mine. A drop dead gorgeous lady who had just finished campus, bagging a nice paying job together with a handsome boyfriend she met on her final year at campus. Despite her artistry in makeup matters and up to date fashion filling up her wardrobe, her cleaning drive has gone down the drain. She never washes her clothes but keeps them in the laundry basket until end month when she hires the washing lady.
  • Her kitchen has a remarkable resemblance to a war zone blown apart by a nuke. Every cutlery and utensil are all over the place like dead bodies scattered by a grenade. Cockroaches. I hate cockroaches. The ones i saw at her place make the lab ones appear like fleas. Gigantic brown roaches skitter on plates and cupboards anytime someone walks in. The sink is full of unwashed dishes floating in putrid water waiting for their baptism day of soap and hot water (which is most likely the last day of the month)
  • Nora smells perfectly well like rosemary in the chilly mornings. Perfumes line her dressing table, from body spray to perspirants. You may think she loves the rosy things in life but that is just half the picture, she fears water. Bathing is a three time activity she does weekly. Plus, due to a shortage of clean clothes, perfumes come in handy to mask the previous day sweat. Its not that her apartment lacks water supply, in fact they have backup tanks on the roof top just in case the county government decides to run the residents’ taps dry.
  • I have gone to several group dates with Nora and her boyfriend. They are both charming but only one is expensive. At times she makes me think dating is a job where one partner pays the other for affection. He is her ATM. Since her kitchen affairs are out of order, she has to carry take away every time after day outs as a plan A supper option which he pays for heavily. She orders expensive drinks and foods that even her salary in full couldn’t clear the bill. Her boyfriend has to bite his tongue when he gives his Visa card to the waiter since he can’t resist the beautiful trophy sitting opposite him with an angelic smile
  • One reason that may also influence this choice of eating out often ,is that she is a terrible cook whose dishes are greatly enjoyed by cockroaches and hungry dogs ravaging dumpsters.
  • After the salary hits her account every end month, it’s a signal for shopping spree. Nora has the habit of throwing away clothes that had escaped washing or that she feels are out of fashion. She once told me she needed a new set of panties and bras after discarding each inner wear every time she took a shower.

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On the other hand ,there is Mary. Very unattractive but she has house skills a maid could die for.

  • Mary is a common looking average girl. She finished her university with a good job but with no one by her side. All young men ignored her simply because her features could makes a hungry lion uninterested in making a meal out of her. She keeps her house clean and her clothes washed.
  • She is a home maker with highly recommended cooking skills. She’d rather eat at home than in a fancy hotel. And if she does eat out, she orders what she discerns is properly cooked and not because of the price tag at the side.
  • If she ever gets a boyfriend who would eventually proceed to the next level, she vows she would treat him like a king and that he should do the same.

Mary and Nora are two different people with the same education level but that does not mean they fully represent the actual characters women have.

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Some are beautiful and clean others are unattractive and dirty.

However ,beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.

The choice is now up to you. Would a marry a wife whom you will be cleaning after daily till death does you apart or would you prefer a lady who will look after you and your children the proper way?


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