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Cheating pattern:The game of choices (Part 2)

….Ted loves her very much. He grabbed every opportunity to show out how much he loved his girlfriend, but being human has its flaws. Persistence pays. His flaws opened a doorway for me into his life. I wanted that. I wanted what she had. I wanted to experience that kind of pure love too, just like her. My best friend Janet, didn’t see what i saw in him. At times, in her absence, i could see the pain in Ted’s eyes at work caused by loneliness and the long hours Janet was on call in the hospital. I took my chance and charmed my way into his heart. We went out for lunch together, i made sure to pass by his desk oftenly to check up on him, many times we walked to the bus terminal together in the evening and as far as determination could go,i made sure i got involved in their relationship that is arranging group dates together, helping him in choosing gifts for Janet and dropping crumbs of advice occasionally, on certain subjects he raised during our many random conversations in the office, to lead him to me in the end.

I finally won him over. I finally got what she had. I hope he will dump her for me.


Hi, Mercy here.

I agreed to be the other woman when i noticed i’m getting older and no man was approaching me for marriage. I was 35yrs at that time when he asked me out on a date. He was charming, had a high paying job and above all, handsome for a man in his early forties. For the past 5yrs, my parents have been pressuring me to give them grand babies but i really wasn’t into motherhood and relationships at that time. My career had just peaked, i got myself an apartment in one of the good parts in the city and my personal life was finally in order. Independence is as sweet as honey you cant stop licking once you get a taste of it. Soon after, one by one, my single girlfriends got married and raised families of their own and this got in the way of friendship. The fear of a close friend ,who is single, snatching your husband is real , forcing them to server ties with me, with some being distant. Due to the need of having someone to call my lover and to show off to my family, i agreed to be Jacob’s girlfriend. I am still not interested in bearing children but my needs as a woman has to be met. I don’t want his money, i got enough of my own. As long as he is married, i know he won’t pester me for kids.


Hi, i am Justin.

He was from a rich family and i was carrying his child. Modern slang calls me baby mama. He was a player and i knew it. I just needed the money and luxury i couldn’t afford. I wanted to feel like a celebrity, enjoying the life of luxury without much hustle and i figured that if i get his baby, my comfort will be permanent through the child. He pays me child support as per the court orders and my baby gets to live a life i never had as a kid. We broke up two years ago but once in a while he pops up at my place to see his kid and me too.


Hi, my name is Audrey

I felt bad for him. He complained of how much his marriage is boring and how stressful it is to break his back working to provide for his ungrateful family. He talks of how menopause took away his wife’s sexual drive making him suffer for what nature took away. Sex was as rare as a singing rhino and this, as he put it, was the stumbling stone in his rocky marriage. His wife was no longer putting any effort to impress him or glam herself up for him. His kids are giving him high blood pressure with every mistake they make. Since he met me, he says, he feels alive again. He missed having a young energetic woman around him to take away the horrors he experiences everyday he wakes up in his house. I am glad to be the one to pull him out of his misery.


My mother once told me, educating a girl is the best thing one can do. It is the only power she can wield against gender inequality and the only sword she can use to cut away any ties of dependence on men. Education gets you a job, at its best it will show you how to build an empire by your hand as a sure inheritance for your children’s children.

Therefore, being the other woman is a choice. When you agree to play the second fiddle to the major player, be ready to accept the restrictions and boundaries drawn to things you can never have.

I have now educated you on what drives most women to being the ‘other’.

In this game of Life, you have to Make your choice.

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