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We were in a relationship, until i was accused of rape and defilement.

He is 24. He told me his neighborhood is crawling with fresh high schoolers eager to join university in March or September 2019 and with that abundance of young blood, comes forth trouble.

He said, ” the young girls around here are craving attention and admirers, they line up along apartment streets and basket courts in groups, waiting for drooling men to shower them with compliments and admiration and courtship proposals. These men don’t see what they are because they look way mature for their actual age.”

I laughed at that remark. Looking mature and being mature are two close associates. Several times, in my encounters with persons younger than me, i have met 14 year old girls who look like they are 20 and to my own surprise, underage boys who made passes and even courtship proposals to me.

While in 2nd year of my university, i was flabbergasted how mature the freshman members looked. Compared to their massive bodies, mature faces and fashion choices , i looked way younger than most of them.

With the ‘gold rush’ season, where older students of 3rd school year and above could scramble for fresh young bloods from high school for relationships and one night stands, legal aged students have found themselves being accused of defilement.

He continued saying, ” Once, this neighbor of mine from high school was giving me the signs, you know, the ‘i-like-you-why-don’t-you-come-over’ sign. I ignored her in all her attempts, pretending like she was an invisible object each time i passed by her place. At times, she would openly flirt with me, those subtle gestures a woman smitten with infatuation would make; swish her hips suggestively whenever i’m around, twirl braids in her finger when she speaks to me, laugh over not-so-funny statements i made, wear revealing clothes whenever her brother invited me over to their home. The signals were countless. Any man would have fallen for her charms but i knew she was 17years, below the legal age and that meant trouble.”

Cases of defilement of high school students have risen in the past 3 years with many of the accused standing by their innocence saying the act was consensual. Men make majority of the victims of this ploy by the underage girls.

There is a case where a young man of 27years was thrown in jail for 12years after the mother of his underage girlfriend (15 years old) found them together in bed in his apartment. The girl, he said, looked mature and had even presented him with a national ID to confirm that, indeed she was 21 years old. The girl was at home from school due to health and fees complications.

According to the young man, they were in a relationship for eight months and that the sex was never forced in any way for he really loved her. He was even planning to propose to her the following year. The girl tried to stop the trial but it was too late. Nothing would have stopped the rolling stone as it had reached the high court.

Today’s underage girls are not like the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s kids. With the availability of make up kits, social media and fashion, they can instantly be a 20 year old or 27 year old person. Moral decadence, the need to be wanted and noticed by older men or their peers, have led teenagers to forge documents and ID’s to appear older than they really are just to get what they want and in the process, hurt the innocent.

Some underage girls, have devised evil payback plans against their lovers in case of a breakup or disagreement. They accuse the men of rape despite it being consensual. Due to the strict laws on defilement charges, the man is subject to severe punishment in response to his ignorance of the law.

It doesn’t matter if you two are in love. As long as your partner is underage, that is defilement in the eyes of the Kenyan Law. Wait until they hit 18 years of age.


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