To the ones who try to fit in.

To the ones who feel like they do not fit in with crowds, with external expectations of relatives and society, with universal standards of beauty, with social classes.

To the people who, inasmuch they try to strip away who they really are just to be accepted and be acknowledged by others whom you hold in esteem.

To the girls and boys who wished they were someone else so that they may perceive their purpose in this world, to find out the meaning of life and their role in this world.

To those who are cast out by their families for believing in something new and foreign that goes against the traditional ways.

To those who are despised and assaulted for fighting for their rights, for their lives, for their freedom, for their legacy. That they may leave behind a better world for their offsprings, a better chance for their children’s greater living.

To those whose hearts have broken under the boots of betrayal, heartbreak, and unforbidden love. Under the wiles and raves of cruelty and violence.

You are not alone,

You were never alone.

Though the night is at its darkest,

The resistance is at its peak,

You shall rise.

You may fall thousands of times

But you shall rise.

Daggers, arrows line your back

Backstabbers and lashing tongues

Shall fall away in dismay

As you rise.

You are not alone.

I AM with you.

Psalms 91: 7 A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not come near you. (RSV)

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