Dripping melanin

Africans are a race of high melanin concentration. We are the race with black melanin. Dripping melanin in all its shades. From the blackest ebony to the lighter caramel, all are in the melanin menu. The following are reasons why African women and men are quick to say yes to interracial marriages.


This might sound unbelievable to victims of racism. However, it is true. Who wouldn’t be amazed by skin as dark as night like non-African people? I once knew of a man born in the Kalenjin tribe of the Nandi community. He was as dark as the color black itself. His teeth were milk white yet he never used toothpaste but the branch of a herbal tree to clean his mouth. He was lucky enough to work alongside some foreigners from Netherland. He was a forest ranger and a tour guide to the visitors. One of the female visitors was very fascinated with him and even offered to marry him! Unfortunately, he was already married. Because of colorism in African nations, people with darker shades of black like ebony and the chocolate colored, are looked down upon. The discrimination is so intense that many turn to bleaching or make-up. Careers such as modelling and TV jobs are not accommodative to dark skin tones. On the other hand, most men tend to favor lighter shades. Therefore, the individual is isolated from her own people. If a foreigner comes by and expresses amazement and adoration to such a person, nothing will stop them from saying yes


It is a known fact that Pounds, Dollars and Euros are heavy weight around here. If 1€ equals Ksh120/= what about 1000€? So, if you are poor chap in Europe, Asia or america, in Africa you are a thousandnaire or more. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean most Africans are poor. You may have heard majority live below a dollar in this side, that’s not true. That is the side which foreign organizations show. Most Africans have all they need because we grow what we eat. You need vegetables? It’s in the farm. Feel like eating chicken, beef, mutton or pork? We go straight to the fields and slaughter what we need.
Money is a necessity when paying bills and clothes.


Love is blind. It knows no color. It does not discriminate. Yes, love crosses boundaries whether virtual or physical. Most millennials swipe phones to find a match virtually. Some exchange messages frequently until something actually develops between them. Africa is not left behind. Thanks to the internet, interracial relationships can be a success.


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