Black Girl Power: What holds back African women from leveling up with men.

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There’s nothing as powerful as comfort. When you are easy and comfortable where you are, progress is blocked. Being comfortable defeats the purpose of Black Girl Power. It dampens the strength and meaning of the Black Movement. The Black Power Movement began with African Americans. Black Power Movement influence was so strong that it broke through borders and reached Africa. If you are an African woman reading this, may you awaken your power and start moving forward.

  • Total dependence on your partner

This is what I have observed in many African homes. Many capable and healthy women are solely depending on their husbands or boyfriends for upkeep. If you prefer being a stay-at-home wife, then don’t just do nothing. Invest in your hobby to generate some cash to boost your living. Or, start an in-house business that brings customers close to you. For instance, selling home-made food, craft, or hair services. Instead of lazying around and lounging like a lizard, do something that adds value to your home.

  • Wrong investment

Rather than using your smartphone for countless selfies and prestige, use it to generate income. Start a blog, vlog, or do something fruitful with your phone. Another thing African women should look out for is beauty. Investing in beauty is not wrong. What makes this dangerous is the obsession. Buying a Ksh500,000 wig is no big deal unless you funded it with a loan. Or, buying countless products in the name of getting the best look. There’s nothing wrong with experimentation but losing money in the process is what makes it not right.

  • Restrictive traditional thinking

Despite modernization and multi-cultural influence, many African women are thinking backward. Recently, I met a woman in a restaurant who refused to give me change for my order. She thought the guy I was with paid for the lunch. Yet, I was the one who funded the whole eat out. It’s this type of thinking that limits girls born to traditionalistic influence. As they grow up, the idea of African men superiority is drilled into their heads. Hence, future women leaders and CEOs are growing fewer and fewer every day in Africa.

  • Using shortcuts to get what you want

There’s nothing good that comes out of cutting corners. If you want a promotion, don’t sleep with the boss or give a bribe. Sweat for it. Eventually, things will fall into place and you’ll be proud to earn your keep. If you want a life of luxury and unlimited finances. Work for it. Don’t use marriage or pregnancy to trap that rich guy you’ve been eyeing. Gear up. Put on your work face and get your hands working. In the long run, all that you desire will be completely yours. Moreover, with self-discipline, nothing is impossible. Plus, you will escape common traps other African women fall into. Traps like blackmail, disease, and regret.

  • Not learning from other women’s mistakes

The rate of femicide in Kenya and Uganda is rapidly rising. African women are getting murdered by boyfriends, lovers, and husbands. One of the saddest case this year is that of a young medical female student who was killed by her ‘boyfriend’ for allegedly using him as a cash cow. Her case was not the only one. There is Mercy Keino, Carol Ngumbu, Eunice Chepkwony and other countless unlucky women the media haven’t identified. Therefore, don’t think you are clever enough to avoid such endings. Probably, the unlucky ladies thought that too. So, learn from others and take the next turn when you sense danger. Don’t jeopardize your future.


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