Rehabilitation Services

Get effective rehabilitation and mental illness services right here in Nairobi. Also, finance your education with our sponsorship program.

Rehabilitation Center, Nairobi

We offer quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for addicts. Furthermore, our rehabilitation services extend to sexual abuse victims and those involved in the sex trade. Our rehabilitation centers are in a serene surrounding for easy relaxation. Apart from this, we have expert doctors and nurses for the detox programs. We use effective approaches to combat addiction and to get you back in shape in no time. What’s more, we offer mental health services for every age group. Also, we provide education sponsorship for African students of every level. Likewise, we have amazing widows and orphans support program that goes beyond Nairobi into neighboring countries. Contact us today for more details.


Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Over the past few years, drugs and substance abuse are the sole causes of deaths in Africa. According to NACADA, 18.2 % of people in Kenya use one form of drug or substance of abuse. One popular substance is alcohol. For this reason, our drug and rehabilitation services are open to those who want to get out of addiction. We provide sponsored detox programs for all age-groups. Starting from toddlers to those in old age. Furthermore, we have several rehabilitation centers in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Therefore, your location should not bar you from getting help. Besides, our drug and rehabilitation services have the best medical staff in the field. So, don’t worry. With our services, your recovery is a guarantee.

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Mental Health Services

We provide professional psychiatrists for mental health issues. Our specialists handle depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and other mental problems. Additionally, our mental health services cater to people of all ages. We use modern and efficient diagnostic techniques for testing. Likewise, our psychiatrists are highly trained in handling aggressive and temperaments patients. Since some mental illnesses are as a result of drug and substance abuse, we take the right approach to deal with this. With equipped rehabilitation center in Nairobi and other areas, such patients are able to get the help they need. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation services make you a much better person than before.

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Widows and Orphans Support Program

Due to war, illness, and accidents, many families are left without parents. Sometimes, a parent may be a victim of death through a drug overdose. In the end, the children are left alone to face the world. Especially those without knowledge of their relatives. For this reason, our foundation has a widows and orphans support program. This program provides education funds and counseling for the orphans. Also, the windows are given emotional counseling and trained to be independent. Aside from this, orphans and parents with drug addiction find solace with us. Anyone in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia can access our rehabilitation centers. Don’t wait, get help today! 

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Education Sponsorship for African Students

Education is the backbone of every nation. Hence, with education a country’s progress is certain. This is what we believe as a foundation. That is why we provide education sponsorship for African students. Our sponsorship cover students in primary, high school, college, and higher learning institutions. Moreover, we give out either full or partial education sponsorship for African student. It is our aim to educate our children for a brighter future. Our education sponsorship for African students is available in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Therefore, if you are a qualified candidate, apply now!

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