If you hate your wife’s cooking, read this

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There is one principle that works in life. If you don’t like something change it, and if you can’t change it, leave it. However, this principle only works in one way for marriages. That is if you hate your wife’s cooking ask her to change it. In case this plan backfires, you can either start cooking or eat whatever lies on your plate.

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In African culture, wives are chosen according to their ability to cook. A wife’s cooking measured her worth and capability to take care of the family.

One of the cooking tests was preparing porridge. If the porridge was lumpy, raw, too watery/heavy, or burnt, the woman was rejected by the man’s family. Another test was cooking ‘Ugali’. This is a meal made from mixing maize flour with hot water until it becomes solid. If the ugali turns out lumpy, burnt, or raw, the woman is disqualified.

Ugali, the staple food in Kenya. Made of maize meal and water.

Nowadays, such rules rarely apply unless you are deeply rooted in traditions. However, being a tradition fanatic will get you no wife. In this modern age where young women are raised by nannies and instant food, selecting a wife based on her cooking skills will get you nowhere.

Instead, men have found an easier way to cope with such matters. That is beauty and ability to bear children. Therefore, if you are suffering from terrible meals your wife serves you at home, bear your cross in silence.

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Another thing is comparing your wife’s cooking to another person’s cooking. No two people are the same. Even if they are identical or fraternal twins their personalities will be different.

Therefore, your wife’s cooking will not taste exactly like your mom’s, sibling’s, or your ex’s. Instead, change your taste buds preference to your wife’s cooking.

On the other hand, if you can’t bear your wife’s cooking, you can always eat outside. It is easy to just pop in a fast food joint, eat your share and come back home satisfied. Then, when it’s time for supper, fake your hunger, nibble your food and pretend to be full. In the long run, your cover will become a habit and it will to more problems. So, you have to find a solution to the terrible cooking.

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The good thing is there is always a solution to the problem. One of them is hiring a house help who knows how to cook. Or, you can take the easy way. That is, be the cook you desire to have. Surprise your wife with your cooking. Then, you can navigate your way into teaching her the ropes of good cooking. Don’t escape your partner.

Instead, work out an easy way to patch things up. Losing your marriage over food is a bad joke. Remember your vows and put a smile on your face as you swallow that burnt chicken you spent a fortune on. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

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