About Lesbian outbreak and the panicky African men.

The latest blast of increasing conversion of straight women to lesbianism has left an aftermath of fidgety and jealous men in Kenya worrying about scarcity of marriageable partners.

I’m pretty sure 90% of my readers have not fully grasped the seriousness of that small heading above this paragraph. It is true that Kenyan men are now sweating uncontrollably in their single rooms and bedsitters about the current state of relationship affairs. Indeed, it’s not just the cold weather in Nairobi that makes young men drip cold sweats in the middle of the night. Nope. There is something else. Thanks to the recent lesbian outbreak, bachelors are left in their homes counting their fingers how many marriageable women are left.

The large wave of Lesbians rocking the city and towns is responsible for this state of panic among the macho straight men.

To begin with, young bachelors and club ‘grey fox’ sugar daddies had this coming. For the past 100 centuries, African men have had the pleasure of sampling women from all tribes without restriction. Also, the biased African traditions gave men the authority to marry more than one wife. As modernism rolled by and the traditions gathered dust, women are now free to explore other form of relationships apart from the revered heterosexual form of co-existence. So, men stop beating your chest in fits of anger when a girl rejects you for she has a ‘stud’ in her life.

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Lesbians have been there since independence, so hush and let them come out of the woodwork.

Speaking of societal norms, over 50% 21st century Kenyan men have at least broken female hearts in their romantic pasts. Some are deadbeat dads who want nothing to do with their wildly sown descendants. Am sure you have heard of ear-cringing heart-break stories of women being unceremoniously dumped and cheated on by their partners. Therefore, the new breed of lesbians should not a jaw-dropping news to men. Women are finally partnering with their fellow females who have zero chance in leaving them with crying babies and sleepless nights over child custody battles.

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I know a girl in my neighbourhood who is a lesbian. And one thing i admire is her relationship. She escorts her girlfriend to the motorbike stop and ensures she has safely boarded the ride and is on her way back. Not to mention the outings she takes her girlfriend to every holiday and weekend. In a typical normal man-woman relationship, most bachelors are perpetually broke and stingy. Or, they pamper and lavish you with expensive gifts expecting something in return, that is sex.

Plus, it is difficult to part a man with his money without being branded a gold digger. In fact, Kenyan men rarely call a cab for their girlfriends without murmuring how a ride from CBD to Umoja is painstakingly expensive. Any normal lady would find this offensive and a turn-off. If they find a fellow woman who can provide all this, your offer is off the table bro!

Actors from the Kenyan Lesbian film ‘Rafiki’

I can’t wrap my head around the fetish Kenyan parents have for single boarding schools. Personally, I was dumped in boarding school at the age of 8 for the next eight years of my life. I have seen how separation of sexes results to budding lesbians in female-only schools. Not to mention the first-hand lesbian relationships I have witnessed budding in the midst of the catholic school I was jailed at. Bottom line is, parents should consider schooling their children in mixed sex schools.

If you don’t want to walk your little girl on the isle to wed another little girl at the pulpit then all-girls boarding school should be off limits.

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However, there are girls who are wired to be sexually attracted to other girls since birth. Some theories claim that hormonal imbalance in such girls are likely to cause this behaviour. The broad shoulders, husky voice, relatively flat chest, and boyish tendencies is what sets them apart from the female crowd. Au contraire, others are turned into lesbians either by circumstance or choice. As the Kenyan government is relaxing its iron hand from choking the LGBT community, more females are coming out of the closet. Who knows, maybe your wife-to-be is biding her time before unleashing the unexpected news.๐Ÿ™Š


  1. Your post is an intricate summary of a rather complex subject. I appreciate the objectivity behind your insightful post as you highlighted various causes of the lesbian outbreak which is also applicable with my country.

    A healthy population of the male gender has contributed to the disappointing impression of the female folks today regarding the men, so I always tell my peers to hold their peace or learn to behave. It is rather unfortunate cause the story could have been a lot different.

    I also agree that the same sex boarding schools encourages not only lesbianism but also the male equivalent of the trait. These are some of the complex challenges facing a world that could have been a much better place. Very few people are concerned with the fate of the coming generations in the face all these mind boggling issues.

    Your noble effort at bringing these disturbing issues to the fore is laudable and highly encouraging, so please keep up the good work. A cursory look through your blog site was an interesting experience so I will definitely come back to read more. Enjoy the best of the evening.


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