37. Xenophobia: An Opportunity For Sober Reflections By Nigerians

Just like racism and tribalism, xenophobia has taken the lives of innocents in South Africa. Citizens should know diversity is the key to prosperity and also it may be the wedge that divides a country. The S.A government should look into job inequality, resource distribution, and monitoring of the foreigner population in the country. There is completely no reason to employ foreigners if the locals can do the same job. In Kenya, the influx of Chinese nationals is really unsettling. Not to mention that we have a huge debt to China as a nation. Very soon there will be a China town then xenophobia will take root. Africans have to learn to solve differences without violence.

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Problem Overview

Xenophobia can be defined as a fear for foreigners or strangers. This fear creates a very tense relationship between the locals and perceived guests who may not necessarily be citizens from foreign nations. When nursed to extreme levels, this fear could lead to violent attacks which bears its fair share of unpleasant and grave consequences often resulting in the maiming of fellow human beings or the outright and senseless loss of human lives. These murderous outbursts are also accompanied by the wanton looting and destruction of property perceived to belong to the foreigners or strangers. Xenophobic attacks do not merit any iota of justification or commendation from any rational mind and must be condemned in its entirety by all and sundry. This is the strong position of this summary post.

Nigeria has been on the center stage of various xenophobic incidents around the globe including…

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