Why wigs, extensions, and make up aint as good as they used to be.

For a moment, go back in time and retrace your financial steps. Take into account how much you spend weekly or monthly on your hair and face? After doing the math, is the effort you spend on upgrading your looks worth the trouble?

If you are striving to retain your natural born beauty then you have landed on a gold mine. To begin with, women from every race have been struggling to achieve the standard form of beauty. Some females have taken the beauty thing an extra mile by going under the surgeon’s knife, several times. To others who can’t afford the extreme but instant surgical method, makeup , wigs, and extensions are the to-go solutions. However, have you ever sat down and pondered really hard whether these drastic measures of beauty necessary? For a moment, go back in time and retrace your financial steps. Take into account how much you spend weekly or monthly on your hair and face? After doing the math, is the effort you spend on upgrading your looks worth the trouble?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then be ready to get your world shattered. For the women who don’t think beauty doesn’t deserve the ‘move the mountains and cross the oceans’ kind of attitude, you are lucky to be among the few enlightened sisters.

Reasons why Beauty hacks are OVERRATED.

Wigs and extensions, a temporary solution

Unless you are suffering from alopecia or severe scarring, wigs should be at the bottom of your bucket list. Since I became a natural hair lady back in 2014, I met several girls my age (19) donning shining wigs on their first day in University. The wigs made them look 6 years older. Also, wigs were synthetic and poorly made, making the girls appear cheap and fake. First all, who told black girls that kinky African hair blends in with straight, shiny, and jet black plastic wig without perming, gelling, or laying down afro with high heat?? Even after doing all that just for a wig, the results are not written on stone. On the other hand, hair extensions follow the same rule. You can’t achieve a kinky style with bone straight hair. Nah! Plus, not all wigs and extensions will seamlessly blend in with your goddess kinks and curls. So, why invest in almost Ksh 5,000 ($50) or over 50k ($ 500) on a temporary thing? Even if your wig has a 10-year warranty(I highly doubt there is such a warranty) you’ll have to throw it away when wear and tear come knocking at your door.

Makeup fails and leaves you looking worse than before

To be honest, makeup scares the bejesus out of me! Have you taken the time to study a model’s ‘Before’ picture? You’ll see how worn out and dull their faces look like (very have a gorgeous natural face glow) before the transformation. One thing for sure, many people use makeup for one or more of these reasons:

  • Hide flaws: with modern makeup, you can apply more than 6 layers of products to hide the spots, scars, pimples, blackheads, sunburns, wrinkles, unevenness, eye bags, surgical procedures, etc for perfectly flawless skin.
  • Low self-esteem– if you can’t get out of your house without make-up this truth is for you.
  • Beauty enhancement– we’re all beautiful but some feel they aren’t beautiful enough despite their flawless skin. So, they add some layers and puffs of powder to enhance what their ‘momma’ gave them.

If you don’t take care of your face and strive to remove or heal whatever is giving you blemishes, no amount of makeup will make it go away. Hiding the problem under layers of foundations, concealer, and what-nots will solve nothing. You will remain the same (but only worse) when you rub the mascara off the eye bags and wrinkles as you prepare to sleep.

Receding Hairline, Breakage, and neck/back pain
This is what you get by trusting wigs and extensions too much. I have known certain women in my life who believe hair cannot grow without adding something to it. They’ll rather be found dead than alive with their God-given hair. So, they hide their manes under wigs and extensions 24/7, 360 days a year. Due to their misguided belief in wigs and extensions, their hairlines and strands suffer the consequences. As a result, their hair remains stagnant for years despite using the best products on the market. Likewise, too many extensions on your head exert pressure on your scalp. When the braids are too many on the head, the follicles are pulled until they are completely yanked off your scalp for good. In the end, you receive a big bald spot and a gleaming forehead to show for it. Not to forget how heavy some styles and the nerve-wracking neck pains and backache you get for carrying all that weight with your head. So, where did we go wrong as black women with wigs and extensions?

Makeup, a temporary fix

The first step of achieving true beauty is not with makeup but by accepting who we are without it. Ever heard of stories where women leave an imprint of their face on a guy’s shirt or a bright piece of cloth? Or, a tragic date that goes wrong the moment a girl steps out of a pool or beach?
Its true makeup can get you far in life but not that far as you though. Then, why buy a kit worth $600 only to end up re-applying daily like a mask? Wouldn’t it better to have a permanent solution which may cost an arm and a leg at first but the results last a lifetime? There’s no need to break a bank to buy the latest make-up release when you can invest in healthy eating and the right practices that make your face glow naturally. And if you can’t avoid makeup, it’s best not to over-do it, we have enough ghosts in this world.

Wigs and extensions, the wrong investment

I’ve seen young ladies spend thousands of shillings just to look and feel good. If you are not using the extensions and wigs to grow your hair then your investment is in the wrong goal. Also, using wigs and extensions to hide your hair is not helping the situation. If your self-esteem relies on 100% virgin human hair, Brazilian bundles, or Remi weaves/ wigs, then you are definitely in the wrong side of the investment. This reminds of the dozens of beauty videos I have seen on social media where a client goes through an extraordinary change. It first starts with a wig installation ( why many don’t use natural hair or the bald look still bothers me). Then, the video proceeds to paint the client’s face, totally transforming her skin color, eyebrows, and lashes. Finally, the stylist does some wig styling and voila, the client looks like a different person. The bottom line is you don’t need a wig, extension, or an hour on your makeup table to look beautiful. What you need is courage and confidence to rock your hair as kinky as it grows out of your scalp, and face the world with your looks and not a painted mask. Only a true black woman can do this.

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