Cobbie Foundation

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb.

About Us

Uniting families by rehabilitating addicts and giving them a chance to live free and responsibly.
One of our matrons holding an orphan girl

Cobbie Foundation began on November 10TH, 2012. The founder is Magdaline Kwamboka, a Kenyan nationalist with a big heart for the needy. Magdaline is a mother to four children and a widow. Her husband, Kennedy Paulson passed away in early 2008 due to alcoholism. It was through this tragic experience that she decided to start a foundation that helps addicts recover from their addiction.  

Our foundation is family-owned and has over 50 branches all over Eastern Africa. We have centers in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia. Furthermore, our services cover more than just drug and substance rehabilitation. 

We offer psychiatric help for people with various forms of mental illness. Also, we provide support for widows, widowers, and orphans. Moreover, we have an education program that sponsors bright students from poor backgrounds to good schools and universities.

What’s more, Cobbie Foundation employs top-grade professionals. Our medical staff and caretakers have thorough training and licenses. They are friendly and observe work ethics as expected. In addition to this, our rehabilitation centers contain the best modern facilities on the market. 

Apart from this, our facilities are spacious and we customize patient rooms for a homey feel. We aim to make everyone feel safe and comfortable in our facilities. If you are looking for a rehab center that provides the best care and medication, call us. We are what you are looking for.

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