Maasai Meat Association sets up International Cuisine Eatout For Meat Lovers.

The Eat-out Fest integrates various traditional meat cooking styles of the Maasai and Kalenjin tribes.

Loita, Narok County, July 23, 2019/My Journey/

Today, Maasai Meat Association (MMA) announces its 5th international annual Meat Eat-Out festival to be held in Nairobi, Kenya. The event is scheduled to take place in December 7, 2019 at KICC. The festival showcases several meat cuisines from the Maasai and Kalenjin communities of Kenya.

The Maasai Meat Association (MMA) international cuisine is an event open to foreigners and locals. Since the 1970’s, Maasai Meat Association has remained the top meat processing company in Kenya. Through the annual international meat cuisine Eat-outs, Maasai Meat Association is celebrating diverse cultures in Kenya. The festival displays a variety of professionally cooked meat recipes from local and international chefs.

In addition to this, the International Meat cuisine Eat-out combines food with local Maasai and Kalenjin music from famous local composers in the area. Famous celebrity chefs are attending in conjuction with popular advertising companies in Kenya, Senegal, USA, India, and China. The International meat cuisine Eat-out focuses on community cohesion and international relations.

“Every foreigner and each Kenyan should attend this 5th annual International Meat Cuisine with an open mind and an empty stomach. Our local chefs are preparing assorted meat delicacies according to Maasai and Kalenjin traditions. We aim to foster strong international relations by sharing our local foods with neighbors beyond the border.” said Ole Tip Samei, marketing director of Maasai Meat Association.

The locals preparing a bonfire to roast meat

The international cuisine meat eat out is sponsored by K2L TV, Buzna Supermarkets, Safari Tour Kenya, Pata Shoe Brand, and Hands-4-Life Community Center.

While the international cuisine meat Eat-out is still in the final planning stages, tickets are available online at or at Buzna Supermarket and Pata Shoe retail branches. For hotel reservation in Nairobi, visit our website

About Maasai Meat Association

Maasai Meat Association is a leading meat processing industry based in Mau, Narok County. The company is actively involved in community and economic development in the southern parts of Rift Valley. Furthermore, Maasai Meat Association is a 7 times Golden Industry Award for quality meat production and marketing. Since 1970, Maasai Meat Association has been Kenya’s No. 1 commercial meat exporter and a trusted consumer brand in East Africa. For more information, please visit www. maasaimeat or email us at

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